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Adds 3 spells and a teleport "map" to anywhere on Morrowind, including the full map of Tamriel Rebuilt.

Based on Yacoby's original Fast Travel mod

Permissions and credits
This mod is a remake of Yacoby's original Fast Travel, modified to cover all of Tamriel Rebuilt's map.

You get 3 spells (Map - Open, Map - Close, Map - Travel) :
- Map - Open : Open the teleport map where you can chose your destination.
- Map - Close : Exit the map and stay where you are.
- Map - Travel : Go to the position of your crosshair on the map.

When you first install the mod, you will be asked if you want travel to be free or to have a cost in time (for normal travel) or in magicka (for teleporting). The readme includes instructions on how to reset this if you ever change your mind.

On the map, just move with the regular movement keys (w,a,s,d by default) to select your destination then cast Map - Travel to go there.

Please note that you cannot cast this spell from any interior cell (Including Mournhold).

Please let me know what you think, I'm eager to get comments on this :)

Note: This is now complete as of version 15.12 of Tamriel Rebuild (including preview). I may update this or not for further TR releases, depending on interest.