Tel Rerandris A Telvanni Town and cozy Player Home by MatthewTheBagel Matt Punell
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 (Huge, Huge, thanks to PikachunoTM for fixing this mod of its bugs and errors. This mod should now be bug free.) A new town and home mod that adds a new Telvanni town; Tel Rerandris, and a new cozy player home; the Telvanni manor. This town can be located between Pelagiad, and Vivec, in the Ascadian Isles, 1, -10. This is my first mod, but I think it adds a very interesting and detailed town to the world.
- Tel Rerandris - 
 Tel Rerandris is a small, but fairly sizable Telvanni settlement. There you will find 2 shops, a hall, player home, arch mage quarters, empty housepod, Ulvanis Manor, and a very simple town. For anyone who wants added immersion or for roleplaying purposes, there is a mage in The Eight Plates in Balmora that will mention Tel Rerandris.
- Player Home -
The Telvanni Manor has 2 floors. The bottom floor being a simple library and study room, and the top floor being the living quarters. The home comes with alchemical tools, many, many books, and containers. 
- Things you MAY encounter -

An NPC may duplicate. This shouldn't  happen, but if it does, It shoudn't be much of a problem.