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Adds the Battlespire Vermai sounds to the Vermai in TR. Read long description for more details.

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Before someone says something about it being copyright infringing, I suggest you read this first. Apparently, while making Morrowind Bethesda used a number of placeholder sounds. Most famously the Kagouti's cat sounds. However, in Morrowind/data files/sound/cr/_OLD exists some other placeholder creature sounds. (including the TempC sounds which eventually were reused by bethesda for Tribunal's Goblins)   TempB 1-3 in particular are interesting as these sounds were used by the Vermai in Battlespire.

In short I could legally use the Battlespire Vermai sounds because they exist in Morrowind's data files. The Vermai is from Tamriel Rebuilt and the current version is based heavily on the Battlespire design (colors are different however) so I figured it would be fitting. By default the Vermai in TR has no unique sounds and recycles the Clannfear's Soundgen.

I'd like as much feedback as possible regarding this. Mainly because if it proves popular, it may end up being put into TR. Note That the 1.01 update is just moving some sounds around. Because Morrowind behaves differently from Battlespire, what sound is used for what animation had to be fixed because the death scream was just too long to be a death scream.