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A vast new subterranean world to explore, many classic dungeons with bosses, and a new city to trade at.

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        WonderWind is a large icy subterranean world that has yet to be explored by the people of Vvardenfel, or Solsthiemn,  rumors are that an Evil King is growing his influence there, that it is extremely dangerous and unknown.  The entrance is rumored to be adjacent to Castle Karstaag, some steps East of it. Nothing else is known about this mysterious land.    A large ice world to explore that has a lot of charm and detail, and many new and homemade dungeons to conquer!   New artifacts to purchase and loot,  new potions, weapons, armors, ect.   This world  is confusing, difficult, rewarding to beat, and thoroughly play tested.    I only used vanilla objects ect,... and made new item codes for 99% of ALL the objects I used to build this world, so conflicts should be at an absolute minimum!   This mod has A LOT of work put into it and I look forward to everyone who still loves Morrowind to enjoy it!    ESTIMATED PLAY TIME = 15-35 Hours.   For best experiance play on 100% difficulty.    :-D  Requires Bloodmoon.     Screenshots are NOT vanilla textures.   I recommend using the best texture pack you can based off of your pc's performance in game.   Thanks all, and I really hope you all ENJOY!