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In vanilla Morrowind, you have two options for clearing a bounty: turning yourself in to the guards or joining the Thieves Guild and paying them to make the problem go away. This mod adds more options, all RP friendly.

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In vanilla Morrowind, you have two options for clearing a bounty: turning yourself in to the guards or joining the Thieves Guild and paying them to make the problem go away. Now you have more options. This mod was made for characters who can't or won't join the Thieves Guild, for whatever reason, but aren't above a bit of bribery if it helps them out. Since the Thieves Guild offers this service to anyone who walks in and asks to join up, I don't consider it unbalancing.

Nolus Atrius is a corrupt magistrate mentioned in vanilla dialogue, the guy the Camonna Tong is paying to look the other way. However, Bethesda never placed him in game. This mod puts him in game and creates a small office for him at the back of Fort Moonmoth near the merchant stands. Any player can ask him to get rid of their bounty; he'll do so at the discount you normally get for voluntarily turning yourself in to a guard, and he won't take your stolen 
stuff. He also has some custom dialogue and if you ask him about rumours, he'll point you (in a vague and distinctly skeptical fashion) to a couple of obscure side quests in the Balmora area that require either out of character knowledge or extreme luck to complete in vanilla.

Members of House Hlaalu and House Telvanni have a slightly better option - they can talk to Odral Helvi or Fast Eddie and have their bounties removed at the same discount as Thieves Guild members, providing they meet a few conditions. House Redoran takes a dim view of such things, though, and members of that House will just have to talk to Nolus. That's the price of honour, I'm afraid.

House Telvanni - Once you've recruited Eddie as your mouth, talk to him any time you need your name cleared.
House Hlaalu - Players of rank Lawman or above can ask Odral Helvi in the Governor's Hall in Caldera to clear their name. He needs to like you first, though (Disposition 70 required).

For members of the Blades - none of them will risk their cover to sort out your problems, but they'll direct you to people who can help if you ask while you have a price on your head.

The mod has been cleaned with TESAME, and shouldn't need to be re-cleaned.


1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Morrowind's Data Files folder.
2. Start Morrowind Launcher, click Data Files, and enable Clear Your Name.esp


1. Save your game in a cell, preferably an interior, that isn't affected by this mod, and close Morrowind.
2. Start Morrowind Launcher, click Data Files, and disable the Clear Your Name.esp file.
3. Delete the .esp file from your Morrowind/Data Files folder.


This should be compatible with just about everything. There may be a very minor problem with mods that add NPCs mentioned in vanilla dialogue but that Bethesda didn't place in game. If you're using a mod like that, there will be two Nolus Atriuses, one with the new dialogue and one without. Mine is the one inside the new office in the fort interior. Having the other one wandering about is harmless, since mine has a unique ID, but if it bothers you, the other mod's Nolus can be deleted by opening the console, selecting him by clicking on him, then typing 'disable' and hitting enter.

TriangleTooth's Missing Characters - TriangleTooth's mod adds several characters that Bethesda created in the CS but never used, into the game world, and gives them some unique dialogue. One of those characters is Nolus Atrius. Happily, Triangletooth made a version without Nolus so that our two mods would be compatible - go check TMC out! :) just make sure to use the No Nolus version of TT's mod.

The other possibility for conflicts is if another mod adds a room in the same place I have; I'm not aware of any that do. If you find a mod that does that, please let me know and I can update Clear Your Name to move Nolus's office somewhere else.