Food of Tamriel v1 by SYMBIOTE DINOSAUR
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Last updated at 21:47, 18 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 21:47, 18 Jul 2015

This is a mod I made to add food to Vvardenfell that fits dunmer culture, such as: roasted scrib,boiled cliffracer wing,

comberry pie, guar jerky and roasted mushrooms. There are also a few imperial food items but they are not as common as 
Dunmer ones. note that some of the items use vanilla models and may look different in your game. You can find Two books that 

Explain the features in a lore friendly way in Ra'viir Trader in Balmora. 

THERE ARE FUTURE PLANS FOR THIS MOD: I hope to add some argonian food in the future like cooked inscects

but I currently don't have the resources.