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Nix-Hound Replacer


PeterBitt [modeling/texturing/concept]
Pherim [skinning/animating]


This is a mesh and texture replacer for the Nix-Hound creature.
Now with full PBR support for the MGE XE Physically Based Rendering Prototype.

MGE XE PBR Prototype:

Quote Hrnchamd: "PBR is an advancement in lighting and texturing that allows your computer to render a greater variety of more complex and beautiful materials. The physics allows them to be consistently interesting in all lighting conditions."

If you don't use PBR you can still use this mod without problems, there is a seperate diffuse texture which is only overwritten by the PBR textures when you activate PBR in MGE XE. Read the MGE XE documentation on how to do that.

The model was made in ZBrush based on the original mesh. I reworked the original model by sculpting high poly detail, then painting the model, creating a new low poly mesh from that high poly sculpt, UV mapping that, baking out the high poly detail and color and finally assembling the different textures in Photoshop.
Pherim skinned that model and rigged it to the original skeleton to use the original animations. Thanks Pherim!

1. copy the content of this archive in your Morrowind folder

Known Issues:
The model and textures are riddled with little and not so little issues. The seams are horrible, many parts lack fine detail, the animation causes stretching, my PBR materials could propably also be improved.
I could do most of that better now but that would require starting mostly from scratch (because I didnt save my progress properly) and Pherim would need to re-skin everything.

Please respect the efford that went into this and the fact that I freely share it - Please don't upload this anywhere else. Please don't edit texture or model. Please don't include this in any compilation mods.
Please simply don't do anything with it without asking me, except using it in your game. Thanks!