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With this mod you will now find notice boards throughout the world. Here you can find public declarations and notices, requests that begin side quests, and broadsheets containing the latest news, along with many other types of documents.

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Disclaimer: This mod is far from completed, but is completely playable at the moment. With that being said...

Broadsheets and Notice Boards adds notice boards to several public locations throughout Morrowind. There are currently only six that have documents at the moment, though you will be able to find several empty boards through out the world as well. These will have documents added in a later version. On the boards you will find requests which start side quests, public notices, and a series of broadsheets known as the The Saint Delyn Inquirer. In a later version there will be an office where these broadsheets are printed and distributed in the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec. The quests in this mod are meant to be very easy and simplistic in nature, but some of them can give very good rewards. 

I've tested the quests and proofread the current content thoroughly, though any feedback is always appreciated.