About this mod

MNEM is a complete overhaul of Morrowind. Though it focuses primarily on immersion, MNEM changes many aspects of the game: settlements seem more lively; more weapons, armor, ingredients, books, and artifacts can be found throughout the world; more options are available to you in quests and factions; races and birthsigns are much more interesting, a

Permissions and credits
I'm afraid that, in light of recent changes in my personal life, I no longer have the time to develop a larger project like MNEM in quite the way I want it. If anybody is interested in MNEM - whether a long-time user who wants to try their hand at modding, an experienced modder who thinks they can polish this project, or some combination of the two - please send me a PM or an email. I will gladly hand over all of my files, all of the resources I am permitted to use, and all of the progress with the readme and the installer. I will also gladly help anybody who wants to take over. Until that happens, however, I believe this is adieu.

On another note, I haven't actually updated the readme to match the new changes. Until I release a later version, it's likely the most wildly inaccurate readme you've ever seen.

MNEM is a complete overhaul of Morrowind. Though it focuses primarily on immersion, MNEM changes many aspects of the game: settlements seem more lively; more weapons, armor, ingredients, books, and artifacts can be found throughout the world; more options are available to you in quests and factions; races and birthsigns are much more interesting, and more. All of this is available in different modules, so you can cherry-pick MNEM to fit your mod list or playstyle.

A lot more is available; this just describes a small selection of the available modules.

What's Next?

  • The executable installer will be optimized for different setups, and the uninstaller will be made to completely remove any trace of MNEM.
  • Nevena's Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters will be patched and bugs removed.
  • MEN Combat will be broken into parts and patched. It will also come with several scripting improvements.
  • Companions will be fleshed out and added, with pets, mercenaries, and more.
  • Dwemer implants will be added to the Artifacts module.
  • Faction improvements and new factions will be available.
  • New creatures will be made available. I already have the undead prepared for the next version.
  • Bound Spear will be made an actual spear again in the Weapons module, despite its shortspear design.
  • The readme will include the new content.

You need Morrowind (clearly), Tribunal, and Bloodmoon for many of the modules to work. The following are fine without expansions:

  • Armor
  • Books
  • Ingredients
  • Weapons
  • Birthsigns
  • Races
  • Diseases
  • Gold Weight
  • Injuries
  • Environment
  • Location-Based Dialogue Modules

This is subject to change; some of these modules (as well as some new ones I will add) will require the expansions in the future.

To install MNEM, just use the Nexus Mod Manager. If you don't want to, just make sure you grab the resources for MNEM from the "00 BSA" folder before loading any ESP files.

To remove MNEM, delete all ESPs. The resources are easiest to remove with the Nexus Mod Manager, but you can remove them without the program if you're really determined.

You can attempt to update MNEM using your current savegame, but I will make no promises as to its effects. You might have to use the console to reset specific effects on your character (or the equivalent).

I need to finish testing here, but you should be completely fine if you just don't install modules that you think will cause incompatibilities; they're all relatively straightforward. If you really want to use one of my modules but think that it will be incompatible with something, just make a Bashed Patch. It'll always work.

I will post specific incompatibilities (and hopefully release patches) in the near future.


Is MNEM compatible with X?
There's a good chance. MNEM works with Rebirth, MGSO, Tamriel Rebuilt, and most other overhauls; it will probably work with any smaller mod that you come up with. If X doesn't overlap clearly with a specific module, that module should work with X. If X clearly does overlap with one of my modules (and you still prefer the other mod), just don't install that particular module.

Are you going to revamp cities?

Are you going to revamp graphics?

Are you going to revamp my closet?
Sounds like these guys will.

I don't like a decision that you made. Can you fix it for me?
Post your suggestion in the comments or PM it to me. If it sounds good, I'll probably include it in a future version. If not, you're just going to have to live with my mod as is.

Can you include SoAndSo Gameplay Mod?
That really depends. As with the last question, just suggest it to me somehow.

MNEM really sucks in a fashion that I will not elaborate on. Fix it pleez?

I found a bug in MNEM. What should I do?
LifeAlert is always a good choice. Failing that, just post the bug in the corresponding section of the page (or PM it to me). I try to fix bugs with the next update.

Can I use a resource from MNEM?
As you will learn as you read below, the answer is usually no. If it is a resource that I, and I alone, have created, you have full access to it. You otherwise have to defer to the authors behind the resource.

MNEM causes a problem with my MorwindHAXPirate.exe file. How fix?
Let me redirect you to your nearest legal authorities.

I would like to donate to your modding hobby. How might I do this?
I'm not going to accept donations. In fact, I don't even think it would be legal for me to make money off of a compilation like this.

Resources from the following authors were used in MNEM; all of the resources were used with permission.

New Items:
•    Adul – Adul’s Arsenal, Hammer of Kings
•    Alaisiagae – Dragonscale Armor Resource, Imperial Silver Armor Resource, Morag Tong Armor Resource, DeFemme Armor Replacer, Profane Tools Varieties Resource
•    Aoimevelho – Armored Robes, Indoril Armored Robe
•    Cethegus – Dwemer Bow and Helmet
•    Dankesaurus – Dwarven Armor Resource
•    Dragon32 – Expansion Integration
•    Jeclxohko – Creature Ingredient Expansion
•    Kieve - Aundae Sentinel Armor
•    Mantodea – Aedric Steel
•    Melchior – Silt Strider Armor
•    Midgetalien – Shard Staff
•    Quorn - Argonian Armor Sets
•    Rellac – Big Paulds
•    Shasta Thorne – Battlespire Books
•    Sheikizza – Aedric Armor Collection
•    Stavroguin – Telvanni Warriors
•    Stuporstar - Books of Vvardenfell
•    Xenn – Marksman Overhaul
•    Yuredew – Lorebooks

•    Cactus - Cactus Sea Elf, Cactus Sajiir
•    Khajiit - Ohmes-Raht Khajiit
•    Kieve - White Senches
•    LDones – Armor Effects, Dodge Mod
•    MacKom - Maormer Race
•    Regan - The X-Jiit
•    Zerocyde – Character Maker

•    LDones – Armor Effects, Dodge
•    Logitech - Morrowind Enhancements & Necessities: Combat Tweaks
•    Shoujo – Shoujo’s Wound Penalties

•    Alaisiagae - Soul Gem Resource
•    Melchior, Quorn, CaptainZaltan, Alaisiagae, Lady Eternity - Atronach Expansion
•    Plangkye - Pluginless NoGlow
•    Smoke and Glassboy - Fair Magicka Regen (pulled from andrewasland's Fatigue and Magicka Overhaul)
•    Torgulf - NPC Soultrapping

•    LDones – Thief Experience Overhaul

•    ManaUser – Improved Gold Weight, Graphic Herbalism
•    Tejón – Tejón’s Fatigue Effects

•    Django - Django's Dialogue
•    GlassBoy - Persuasion Response Expansion, Nudity Greeting Expansion, Nerevarine Greeting
•    Grumpy – Companion Project
•    LGNPC Team - LGNPC plugins
•    Trainwiz - Voiced Vivec and Yakety Yagrum

•    Antares - Antares' Tribunal Main Quest
•    Darknut - Greater Dwemer Ruins
•    Hollaajith - DNGDR for MRM
•    Ostar - Less Generic Tribunal, Nerevarine, Bloodmoon
•    The Mad God - Great House Dagoth
•    Moon and Star - GHD-DNGDR Patch
•    Trainwiz – Main Quest Enhancers
•    Nevena - Nevena's Twin Lamps and Slave Hunters

Official Plugins:
•    Adul - Entertainers Expanded
•    PikachunoTM - Unofficial Morrowind Plugins Patch

•    Bosa - Music Overdose I and II
•    Karl Christmas
•    Various Artists - BTB's soundtrack

You may use any resources from this mod that I have made, but with the following two restrictions:
•    You must give me credit proportional to the final work.
•    If you use any resources from MNEM, including resources from other authors (with their permission), your mod must also be free for modders to use. We can always use more free resources.

This does NOT allow you to use ANY resources from other authors, however. If you would like to use resources that are not 100% my own work, you must defer to any and all authors who had any part in the creation of those resources.

You can contact me as Apoapse on the Nexus.  I won't take responsibility if MNEM breaks your game somehow, but I'll try to help. I will also refuse to help you if you have a pirated version of Morrowind or have not read the directions thoroughly. Despite this, contact me first with any questions about the mod; please avoid contacting the authors on the list above. I will answer all questions and provide any help when necessary.

Also, I am required to say this: despite what you may think, I do not own Bethesda, Morrowind, or anything of the sort. That’s all Bethesda’s property. No, seriously, it is.