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An unofficial patch that fixes many bugs in MGSO

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This patch replaces a few ESPS and may change your load order so re-run MLOX or whatever you use to sort your load order.

Installation: Unzip into your Morrowind Directory NOT THE DATA FILES Regenerate the Distant Land.

I did not make or alter this file in any way, I am just the messenger so please don't shoot me. Also, this is my first submission so if I mess it up please let me know. I am submitting this because I have been trying to help out with the many people that are having trouble with MGSO and many common issues are addressed in this patch. The patch was made by JohnMoonsugar and he gave full distribution permission (reference at the bottom of the page if it is not good enough moderators please just let me know and I will take this down)

This mod fixes many issues that where present in MGSO, many you have seen in the posts of the nexus. some of the bugfixes include but are not limited to: Fixing the missing tables, Getting rid of foreign references that can cause crashes to other mods IE Vampire Embrace by Cortex, and fixing broken doors.

NOTE: this will not fix broken doors that you already ran into.

What sets this patch from other patches on the Nexus you ask? this patch fixes the most critical issues and it does not come with subjective changes see readme for full details.

Also recommended to get the following Fixes:

Spirithawkes Daedric Armor Fix: (fixes missing/mismatched textures in male and female deadric armor)

Graphic Herbalism: (Although it is the same version as used in MGSO this version fixes a small typo in the kwamma egg script that causes it not to function)
If you use want to use GH Extra this is needed: it lets you mine GH style with the included ore replacer

Animated containers: (Adds new animated containers and fixes a severe bug with empty containers in the bloodmoon expansion including quest containers also speeds up all containers NOTE the crates may look mismatched but it is a minor problem compared to the ones it fixes)

Abots Animated Morrowind: (Better compatibility with mods like MCA. It also removes the famous "Crunch" bug (crunch infinitely looping thus preventing dialogue while playing) and adds a Skyrim style gift of charity for giving coins to beggars use instead of base animated morrowind)

Poorly Placed Object Fix: (fixes unintentional edits to walls)

Dunmmer Lanterns: (fixes collisions with lanterns without the update the lanterns may block the paths of you or your companions)
If I find other good mods for MGSO I will list them here

Better shoes fix: (mesh replacers designed to stop the "unable to find foot part in bc" spam)

Better clothes common shirt fix: (like the above but fixes a mesh error in one shirt)

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Permission reference: