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Last updated at 7:04, 2 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 22:05, 19 Dec 2014

A tasteful expansion of Indarys Manor and Bal Isra, for players who find the vanilla manor underwhelming and the available mods overkill. The manor exterior is rearranged, with the manor house moved to the top of the hill and a second tower (with interior) added. Gilyne Omoren: Smith is given his own house (built in the second stage of stronghold construction), while Uvele Berendas: Priest is relocated to the new tower (built in the third stage). Indarys Manor is completely redesigned, featuring an inn-style entrance and exterior opening up into an impressive underground hall with storage and training areas as well as quarters for Redoran retainers not located elsewhere in the complex. The lord's quarters are also expanded, featuring two side rooms for storage, smithing, and alchemy supplies.

Fully compatible with LGNPC Indarys Manor and LGNPC Pax Redoran.

Additional non-vanilla images can be found on my blog.

Recently updated to version 1.2: Replaced a missing floor segment and removed dirty GMSTs introduced in version 1.1, and improved placement of several objects around Bal Isra (mostly doors).

Version 1.2b adds two bookshelves to the great hall for additional shelf space. Large number of objects in cell may cause problems on slower computers so this remains an optional update.