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This mod allows the player to obtain a home located in Pelagiad.


Alchemy Sorter & De-sorter
Spell Scroll Sorter
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Teleportation amulet
Lock-pick training desk
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This mod allows the player to obtain a home located, oddly enough, in the town of Pelagiad. The cell for this home replaces the base-game cell, "Pelagiad, Guard Tower".

There are no special requirements to obtain access to this home. The previous owner has disappeared. Presumably they arranged for a "tower-sitter" to look after the place, and everyone is just assuming you're that person? So nobody is going to bother you about moving in, or even comment on it.

(That's because it's completely unremarkable for some random adventurer to move into a prime little tower with a neat garden and a great view located right in the center of town, where anyone would love to live. It's absolutely not because I didn't want to clutter the mod up with a bunch of quests, or dialogue, or any of that tedious stuff. Yup!)

To get into the house, you can steal a key from inside Fort Pelagiad, or you could check to see if there's a way into the tower by other means. Then, there's a key somewhere inside the tower you can use. So, if you can manage to get inside, you can unlock the main door and won't have to use the super secret entrance all the time! Unless you want to be cool like that, that's fine too.

To travel directly to the new home, please use the following command:

coc "Pelagiad, Decommissioned Guard Tower"