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Learn the art of Necromancy

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Dopey Necromancy
by  dopey fish

Learn the dark arts of necromancy.
Start your journey by finding, and then reading, a copy of Arkay the Enemy, from your inventory.
You may find a note that will help start your journey.


Back up save games before using.
Unzip the plug-in file into the Data Files directory.
Activate the plug-in, and it will automatically set up and
work with new characters and existing characters.

Spoiler info below!

There are six books to collect:
Arkay the Enemy - collect this book first as this will detail the requirements!  The other books require this one read first.
Legions of the Dead
Corpse Preparation volumes I-III
N'gasta! K'vata! K'vakis!

Reading these will begin the path to necromancy.
There are a few more requirements:
having at least 50% in both conjuration , alchemy, and mysticism
learning at least 3 of the summon undead purchasable spells

Meeting these requirements will then trigger an event that then allows a character to start collecting corpse containers.

Also, the six books will also be stuffed with notes once this event
happens. A character will need to seek out multiple copies to collect
the notes. The notes will explain the facets of necromancy, and the
final note will complete the sequence that will allow characters to kill
NPCs and use their corpse! There are 13 notes total.

All rituals only work between 9pm-5am.

Functions currently available:
collect corpse containers
carry corpses
arrange corpse for ritual
create vessels for animation
animate undead minions
reanimate minions that were killed
learn 'blood ritual', this allows characters to collect the corpse of an
NPC a character kills while under the ritual effect (it wards off Arkay
and Tribunal temporarily). To take a corpse, you must 'dispose' of it
while under the ritual.
Guards will react to carrying corpses or having undead follow the
character. They react, violently.
Sacrifice minions to the Soul Cairn in exchange for more personal power.
Vampires have a slight affinity for necromancy.

Minions are grouped as follows:
lesser minions:
ancestor ghost
greater minons:
skeleton archer
skeleton warrior
greater bonewalker
grand minions:
skeleton champion
A character can summon up to 30 lesser minions.  Greater minions count as two lesser minions, and Grand minions count as three.  Each
minion drains a portion of the necromancer's life, so animating a lot of minions really weakens the necromancer, having the necromancer rely on enchantments or spells for their life.