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  1. YancyP
    • member
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    I have recently updated my "A Good Place To Stay" mod from 1.3 to 1.8 version and I have some problems with it.  I would like to talk to Simstar about them but I cannot locate any contact information. Can anyone help with this?
    If I can't contact Simstar for his help, I would like to know how to make some changes to this mod. Namely, change the armor mannequins back to ALL male, or maybe have a male AND female vault, and add more mannequins.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Athelos
    • premium
    • 179 posts
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    I remember, and love this house. It's what first got me involved in TES modding. I remember messing with the scripting in the CS to make the skulls and cup of teleportation cost nothing (no gold or blood price) and creating two portals to the mages guild and fighters guild respectively, plus a "hidden portal" to the hall of doors. Thank you for reuploading this, as the original download on FilePlanet, has kind of been buried.