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Makes nix-hound's mandibles appear purple, just like they are described in in-game.

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Update (2020/01/25):
It has come to my knowledge that this mod is included in Patch for Purists. As such, you don't need my mod if you already use PfP.

In Morrowind game dialogues, the nix-hound is described as "a rangy quadruped with long, purple feeding spikes", but in the actual game its mandibles appear green.
This replacer corrects this inconsistence by modifying the nix-hound 3d model, so it's perfectly compatible with any texture replacer.

It also slightly corrects nix-hounds animation, so they don't constantly look around while fighting anymore.

A mesh fix by Archimaestro Antares, which corrects nix-hound's knock-out animation, is also included.