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Overhauls everyone's favorite, death-seeking Orsimer into a truly challenging opponent with scripted behavior and new equipment.

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Umbra's a pretty ordinary looking Orc that puts up a mediocre fight in the original game. I wanted to give everyone's favorite death-seeking orsimer an overhaul; both in appearance and in combat. The idea was that it would take a truly masterful character to best this beast of a warrior. Appropriately, the loot you'll receive from defeating Umbra has been increased. There are now 7 new weapons and a few armor pieces (including Orcish Gauntlets).


Umbra, Blademaster: You know how Umbra plays himself up, telling you of all the people he's killed, villages he's burned, races exterminated? Well, he's truly living up to that persona with this mod. Umbra now has stats comparable to Divayth Fyr, the toughest NPC in Vvardenfell. I have scripted in some events to make your fight with Umbra more memorable. Nothing too fancy, but it might catch you by surprise. Don't try challenging Umbra with your level 20 fighter and think to beat him anymore, he's one tough nut to crack.

Umbra, Style Guru: Without this mod, Umbra is just another Orc in Orcish armor. With this mod, he's made into something more unique. Umbra now has a relative arsenal strapped to his back and hip. I've made tweaked versions of Fallen One's Umbra*** and called them Umbral Weapons. Umbra now has a unique claymore, longsword, shortsword, dagger, and spear strapped on. He's also got some throwing knives and javelins (rehashed daggers and spears) stashed on his person. I've tweaked his armor so that no skin is showing; his pauldrons now use the previously unused Orcish armor forearm piece and I have created Orcish gauntlets to cover his hands. So you may see that I didn't drastically change him. He's still wearing that Orcish armor rather than some bright and shiny new set, it's his trademark and I only wanted to expand on that, not replace it.

By Melchior Dahrk