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Adds a cozy house in Balmora, suitable for every adventurer.

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House in Balmora

Hello. I think that while playing Morrowind everyone had that kind of a problem : "Where can I stash mu stuff ?"
I've recently decided to re-play Morrowind, and I've made this little mod which adds a nice and cozy house to Balmora in order to help me with stashing my precious treasures somewhere.

House is pretty simple, just as it meant to be. I don't really have to describe what's there, because you have everything in the screenshots.
All containers are safe, they won't respawn. If there are any bugs, please let me know, i'll fix them asap.
Enjoy ; )

- Fixed some bugs, mostly technical stuff, thanks to darkelfguy ; ) 

Hi everyone :)

I had no idea that this mod received so many positive reviews so many downloads! Thank you all for the support!

It's been 8 years since I released this mod and honestly, I forgot about it. I released only 1 patch while there are still many issues that should be fixed. I honestly doubt that I will ever have enought time to do that - I'd basically have to re-learn Construction Set to do that, and I don't really have time for this :(

If there's anyone willing to help me with updating & fixing this mod, please message me here on nexusmods - the same goes if you have any questions.

If you want to enhance this mod and create your own, add it to mod  some mod package - feel free to do so, just remember about the attribution :)

Once more, thank you for your support and long live the TES III: Morrowind!