Private Mobile Base Tribunal-Bloodmoon by HB
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This is not my mod but it was one of my favorites and is hard to track down.

Go to Shenk's Shovel in Caldera and talk to Crogius Condara to buy the PMB and upgrades

Teleport your base to 35 locations in Vvardenfell, Mournhold and Solstheim. Choose the city to live in and press a switch to dock at the
local mages guild/Temple or hover above the city of your choice.
Buy the standard configuraton with access to Docking bay + Control room and choice of initial location.
Upgrade it to your needs: barter with Crogius Condara to access other teleport locations, rooms and utilities.
Be aware that a fully upgraded PMB (45 upgrades) does not come cheap and needs Golden Saint soulgems or Powergems as power supply!
-Combat Simulation Hall
-Alchemy Lab
-Observation Deck
-Propylon chamber with 10 destinations
-Storage rooms
-Control room with a full array of command/keyloader/gemloader consoles.
-Private quarters
-Swimming Pool
-PMB Powergems
-Docking bay + access stairs
-Hall of Relics & Artifacts + display cases (Nifs by Lady E).
-Passenger Exit & Teleport to move companions, mercenaries and yourself off the PMB.
-Teleport ring to bring you savely home to several sections in the PMB.
Added in V4.2
-BUGFIX: fixed error message 'Unable to find referenced object 'hubsw13' in script hybstartupaddon' when loading a saved game.
-Dwemer Cyborg Prototypes: can act as protectors or - when stopped - as armor mannequins.
-Small quest to get control of the cyborgs
-8 docking locations in Solstheim.
-3 docking locations to the strongholds of the great houses.