Epic Sadrith Mora by Mikeandike
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Added: 03/03/2014 - 11:06PM
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Last updated at 22:20, 8 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 23:06, 3 Mar 2014

Epic Sadrith Mora does something unconventional; it looks at how future Bethesda games have crafted cities and tries to bring those teachings back to Morrowind. How it's done is by creating the illusion of a bigger city through the establishment of architecture surrounding vanilla buildings you interact with.

What you'll experience is a much denser Sadrith Mora that really makes use of the land mass it was created on.


Unzip into your Data folder and enable from your Morrowind Launch menu
If you are using MGE or MGXE, don't forget to run the distant land generator again


This is mod may cause dips in your framerate depending on if you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed. MGE users might have to do some tweaking to optimize performance if they experience these issues.


This mod is not compatible with any mods that expand Sadrith Mora. Users that have MGSO 3.0 will experience floating grass in some areas.