Turenyulal Redone by Trainwiz
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Added: 09/02/2014 - 08:28AM
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Last updated at 8:26, 9 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 8:28, 9 Feb 2014

I did not make this mod. Trainwiz offered me to upload it

Despite Darknut's GDR doing a wonderful job of overhauling some of the Sixth House Citadels, he missed a few. So, I decided to undertake the massive task (and by that I mean spend three hours of downtime) of redoing some of the other citadels.

This is Turenyulal Redone.


-Two cells in Turenyulal, The Library of Kagrenac and the Bladder of Clovis, expanded and remade into a much grander version.

-New scrolls and items in the Library of Kagrenac


-We're all adults here, do I really need to tell you how to install something? Copy it to your data files folder, then go to Turenyulal in Red Mountain to see the changes. Most of what's been done is strictly cosmetic in nature, there are no new cells and not really much in the way of new challenges, I just wanted to make Kagrenac's Library actually look like one.


-Anything that modifies the cells of Turenyulal will be incompatiable.