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RUN FASTER! -Faster Running Speed

Introduction(Because everythings better with a back story!! :-) ! )
I was one of those guys who played skyrim and oblivion first(Skyrim FTW).So,then after finishing them,I wanted to play another TES game. So I got morrowind .I was angry and frustrated with it because of the slow pace of things.A long time after giving up on it,I wanted to play it again(cuz I had just played skyrim all over again too),So,on a quest to make morrowind less tiring, I seached on the nexus for a mod that increased running speed.But didn’t find anything and out of desperation I opened up the construction set and somehow found the values and increased them(Booyah :D ). After I did this,morrowind actually became fun(kinda), I am still frustrated and angry but Its fun and I can’t stop playing it.It is a lot more immersive than the later TES games.
I had searched and found out that there were many like me who disliked the running speed and I wanted to help them too.So I made this mod!

What It Does
This mod allows your character to run faster than the default running speed.I have added multiple files with different speeds(slow to fast) so that this mod will be to everyone's liking.The speed will still increase as you level-up.

7 Speeds:Fit For All

Only the first 4 should be used for normal game play as the rest are extremely fast and should only be used for fun.

Just drop one of the 'esp' files into /Data Files , Enable it in the setting(Data files in the morrrowind launcher) and you are good to go. (BTW, it doesn't support NMM)

**I recommend the Faster or Fastest versions.

Plz report any Bugs and give me some suggestions.Comment on what you think of it(Criticism is welcomed with open arms)!! I'll try me best to make the mod better.

If you like this mod,then Please support it by endorsing It!!! :)