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A replacer for the hackle-lo plant with corrected meshes and improved textures

Permissions and credits
Hackle-Lo Fixed v1.0a

A TES III:Morrowind Mod by Pherim

With the new, Hi-Res textures being available for Morrowind, many of the old models revealed their bad uv mapping. One that stood out in particular to me was the hackle-lo plant mesh, or rather, the two meshes. This pluginless replacer contains the following corrections and additions:

- Improved uv mapping: leaves now look like leaves, no more texture seams and distortion on the stems
- Improved transparency on the hanging brown leaves: now double-sided at all times
- New stem texture made from a texture from cgtextures.com
- Modified leaf textures taken from Ultimate Textures Pack by grvulture, originally created by Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Qarl, Raptre, & Zuldazug for Morrowind Visual Pack
- Hanging brown leaves have been duplicated, translated, and rotated to achieve a more natural look

Fixed meshes for Graphic Herbalism are also included. They use the leaf parts of the original GH meshes.

For Graphic Herbalism - MWSE and OpenMW Edition (recommended) use the compatible meshes from its optional file "GH Patches and Replacers". Install this mod first and overwrite with the corresponding mesh(es). You don't need to install the meshes for the old "Graphic Herbalism" included in this mod!

Copy the "meshes" and "textures" folders into your "...MorrowindData Files" folder. Overwrite existing files. No esp file needed!

To install the meshes for Graphic Herbalism, copy the "meshesgherb" folder in "Extras" into your "...MorrowindData Files" and overwrite existing files.

Just remove the files "flora_hackle-lo_01.nif" and "flora_hackle-lo_02.nif" from your "...Data FilesMesheso" folder as well as "Tx_Hackle-lo_01.dds", "Tx_Hackle-lo_02.dds" and "Tx_Hackle-lo_03.dds" from your "...Data FilesTextures" folder. This will restore the original meshes and textures.

To remove the graphic herbalism meshes, remove "hackle-lo_01_P.nif" and "hackle-lo_02_P.nif" from your "...Data FilesMeshesgherb" folder and restore the original files from Graphic Herbalism.

This will conflict with any other mod that changes the meshes of the hackle-lo plant. These meshes are made to work with best with the textures included, but any other textures for hackle-lo shoult work fine, as long as Tx_Hackle-lo_01.dds is completely seamless, Tx_Hackle-lo_02.dds is seamless in horizontal and Tx_Hackle-lo_03.dds in vertical direction. This is especially important for Tx_Hackle-lo_03.dds, the leaf texture, which has the greatest changes made to its uv mapping and which is not seamless in the replacers I know. Just try how it looks with the textures you like to have.

This will not affect your savegames!

Version History
v1.0 Original release

v1.0a Minor update: Archive now BAIN compatible (NMM probably without extras)

Thanks to:

- Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Qarl, Raptre, & Zuldazug, the creators of Morrowind Visual Pack
- grvulture of Ultimate Textures 3
- cgtextures.com
- ManaUser for creating Graphic Herbalism
- The teams of Blender and NifSkope
- Google/Trimble for Google Sketchup as well as the creators of numerous indispensable plugins for it
- Apel from Bethesda Forums for his help with NifSkope
- All those modders who incredibly enhanced my Morrowind experience and inspired me to do my own modding
- Bethesda, of course, for creating Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls in General