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A new sky texture and weather .ini settings mod.

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Alternate Skies by Hicks233
----------------v 1.0---------------
August 2013

Contained in this archive are a set of textures to replace all the skies included in Morrowind and the two new ones added by Bloodmoon as well as a night sky texture.


Alternate Skies ¬

Read me.txt
Weather settings.txt

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Data Files ¬
Textures ¬


To install extract the included files while retaining the directory structure - so the Data Files folder goes into your Morrowind base directory and the related files will be extracted into the folders they are required in.


The skies do require the changed sky meshes from SWG's V3 Skies to display properly. The two required files are sky_clouds_01.nif and sky_night_02.nif They're available at these links:

Once you have the two meshes they need to be extracted to Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes


Also included are a set of optional .ini settings that make adjustments to the colour tinting of the skies and ambient lighting. These are in a separate text file included with this archive. To use them you will need to copy the details from the "Weather settings" file and overwrite the existing entries in your Morrowind .ini which is found again in your Morrowind base directory. Please do make a backup of your Morrowind.ini before installing though. Aside from the colour changes there are also adjustments to cloud speed, number of rain drops and snowflakes as well as changing the sunset time in game.

NOTE: If you are using the ASE sound mod there are sections that you will need to add to the .ini that enable the ambient sounds and thunder sounds during blight storms - one of the reasons I would suggest you make a backup of your current Morrowind.ini so that those settings are readily available to copy and paste.


It's highly recommended that these skies are used with MGE XE with the "High quality atmosphere and distance colouring" and "Exponential fog" options enabled. MGE XE is available here:

Also recommended is the adjusted Bloom shader for MGE XE modified by Sarafan available here:

Hope you enjoy these textures! :) Any problems you can get in touch via the Bethesda forums or The Nexus.


Thanks to both Melchior Dahrk and tiebrakre for feedback and encouragement!

Special thanks to Sarafan for an amazing amount of testing and feedback and constant encouragement. You are a star!


EDIT: There is also an optional version of which has more subtle constellations. To install unpack the file to Data Files\Textures and overwrite the existing file.