Apel's Lighthouse Retexture by Apel
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Added: 26/05/2013 - 08:03PM
Updated: 19/08/2013 - 02:34PM

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Last updated at 14:34, 19 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 20:03, 26 May 2013

Apel lighthouse retexture
Part of Imperial retexture mode.

Texture and mesh replacer for the exterior and interior of imperial lighthouse in Seyda Neen.
Render screen EX
Render screen IN

-Textures 2048x resolution.
-Lighthouse 3d model used to be remodelled absolutely(All glitches with visible holes; buggy UVM,; things like invisible polys; wood planks now has texture on ending cut);
-All meshes of lighthouse has more polys to look better;
-Fixed green vertex paint overlay. Vertex paint totally recreated. Now it's greyscale.
-Added extra things like:
• Cliff's around lighhouse;
• New roof design;
• Stone plates near balefire;
• New stairs design;
• Extra wood things;
 -New interior 3d model with new collision.