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This mod is now rendered as obsolete, seeing as though the TR team introduced more travel options for this mod. I do not recommend this mod to be used with TR anymore. not only is it outdated, but it's unnecessary. 


About 2-3 years ago I was introduced to the modding scene. I thought that at the time the best thing to make was a mod that added more travel options
to one of the most popular and largest mods on the Morrowind nexus. At the time I was quite ambitious, yet inexperienced. Although my first-ever mod was quite well received, lets face it, it was just, bad. Not only was it badly put together, but it also filled with borderline flawed and impractical ideas. I completely forgot about the mod for quite some time, while I worked on other projects that were alright, but not as well received as this one. I just recently visited the my files page and saw a lot of comments regarding how the mod doesn't work, or how it's impractical and poorly optimized. This prompted me to revisit the mod and improve it completely. Now there are several travel options which include boats and guild guides. They work bidirectionally, meaning that they can take you from Vvardenfell to the Mainland, and from the Mainland to Vvardenfell. The readme will include a full list of the transportation options.

As per the requirements, you will need:
-Morrowind with Bloodmoon and Tribunal
-TR_Data and TR_Mainland

Installing the mod is as simple as extracting the .esp file into the data files directory.

I would also like to personally thank everyone that supported me all those years back, with both positive comments and comments of constructive criticism.