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Retexture of the Hlaalu Architecture

Permissions and credits

Description (2.5)
Requires Morrowind only.
No more bump map.
Uninstall any previous version before installing this one.
This mod retexture the Hlaalu architecture with 2k & 1k textures.
it also replace the models of the hlaalu doors. except for one, which I will do later.

There is also an optional file that changes Balmora & Suran by adding colored overhangs, a well,
and some minor changes to buildings.
This mod is purely about visual changes. So no new npcs, buildings or anything like that.
A retexture of the Balmora and Suran Roadmarkers is also included.

I also made an optional patch for OpenMW.
the file adds normal maps and parallax to the Hlaalu textures.
Only the normal maps are included in the archive, you need to
download the Retexture first.

If you don't know how to make normal map and parallax work in OpenMW
check this link :

Description for 2.0 and less

Requirement :

Morrowind Code Patch (to apply the "Bump/reflect map local lightning" patch)
Highly Recommended :
MGE XE (For a better render and a less shiny appearance)
Description :
This mod retexture all Hlaalu architectures (Interior/Exterior) with some Bump map.