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January 2013

What good is accumulating titles such as Nerevarine, Magister, Archmage or Master if you don't get anything to show that off?
How unrealistic is that the hero of Morrowind and the head of several factions walks around uncared for??
Should a Telvanni Magister really live in a ruined mushroom?

Magistrate Uvirith Revamped answers all these questions and more. Now every major factions (Telvanni, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild) will provide a guards detachment and a Captain to protect your Tel Uvirith Stronghold (NEW! Depending on your rank faction) which has been totally revamped to make it fit for the true Nerevarine.

A lot of love went into this mod. This is a revision of the first house-mod I ever did: Magistrate Uvirith Expanded 2.0, 2003, unfortunately at that time I had more creativity than skills and I could never properly complete the project, so taken by nostalgia and remorse for some poor mistakes I committed and even though I am well aware very few people still play Morrowind I will be glad if at least one person will find my mod enjoyable, so I gathered the old files, reinstalled Morrowind and the CS and I used all the experience I acquired in the last ten years as a modder to complete it and polish it to the best I could and after 3 days of uninterrupted work the result is the house of my dreams in Morrowind: Magistrate Uvirith Revamped 3.0, 2013, which Modifies the original Telvanni House by adding several facilities, such as: Alchemy Lab, Master Bedroom, Personal Office, Grand Library, Throne Room, Weather Crystal Room, Personal Assistant Room, Display Room, Tower Sanctum, Secret Vault, Prison.

TairenSoul: That looks amazing! I LOVE what you've done! I can't imagine how much time and care you've put into it. I know how long it takes me to do a few face tattoos. I can't imagine coming up with all what you have done...just WOW!
Papil6n: Awesome works!! thank you
kurzschlusskuh: Looks awesome! Will definately try it out. Maybe this can replace Uviriths lagacy in my game =) Thank you! [
Jpor2001: Best looking new mod I've seen in awhile. Will install tonight and give feedback. Don't be dis-heartened by a slow start comment wise.
Erluce88: Hey man, new to the site and yours is the first mod in both all my Morrowind and Fallout NV modding that I've used where I've been compelled to comment, just a few minutes into it and it's badass. Awesome man, awesome, seriously... awesome.

Since Version 4.x you will need to raise to the appropriate faction rank (See Unlock Table) in order to UNLOCK Unique NPCs, Guards and a few New Rooms. This has been done through scripting, the game checks the player rank in a given faction and enable the "rewards". Factions Available: House Telvanni, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild.

Unique NPCs and Guards

There are five different detachments of guards.
The Exteriors of your stronghold is defended by "Tel Uvirith Guards" affiliated to Telvannis and commanded by Captain Nelmyne Velothren.
The Lower Tower is defended by the "Palace Guards", provided by the Fighters Guild and commanded by Captain Varvsa Mathendis.
The Upper Tower is protected by the "Praetorian Guards", provided by the Mages Guild and led by Master Wizard Venasa Belvayn.
The Vault is prottected by "Tel Uvirith Guards", affiliated to Telvannis and commanded by Captain Sondryn Ramoran.
The Tower Prison is guarded by a small detachment provided by the Fighters Guild led by Zabamund Radansour.

Upper Tower

Throne Room, Master Bedroom, Personal Office

Your very own throne room, complete with a detachment of four Praetorian Guards affiliated to the Mages Guild an Master Wizard Venasa Belvayn (See Unlock Table). An improved master bedroom furnished with a luxury bed, a desk and non-respawning containers. A personal office (See Unlock Table) filled with multiple powerful scrolls* and a desk and a Flame Athronac Lamp.

Weather Crystal Room, Grand Library, Personal Assistant Room

Two Wizard Sisters (Savesea and Dralisi Norvayne) which provide Fast Travel Services and a Weather Crystal Script which allows to change the weather in all Morrowind. A Grand Libray with all the books and bookshelves you ever desired. A room where your personal assistant, a Master in Telvanni House lives, (See Unlock Table) meet Magister Haleneri Reladren which deals alchemical ingredients and can teleport you to four different areas of Tel Uvirith (Bedroom, Trophy Room, Secret Vault, Tower Prison).

Alchemy Lab, Weather Crystal Script

A room filled with all the Apprentice/Master Tools* to brew your potions, plus Two big shelves for showcasing.

Lower Tower

Display Room, Tower Sanctum

Back in time there were no fancy animated mannequins, nor magical weapon racks, all you had to show off your loot where tables and chests and this room sports plenty of them along with a six man detachment (See Unlock Table), equipped with a Dibella armor set, from the Fighters Guild led by Captain Varvsa Mathendis. The room include access to the Tower Sanctum (See Unlock Table) which sports a fancy dining room, an altar to Saint Niluva and more storage space for your most precious treasures.


Deep in your dungeon lies a strongly guarded room where you can stash your most precious treasures, Thieves Guild provides a 12 man detachment led by Captain Sondryn Ramoran (See Unlock Table).


Here you'll find seven holding cells, containing several key NPCs*. All cells sport a working Force Field that you can control with two Lever. Four Prison Guards equipped with a full set of Dwemer Armor commanded by Zabamund Radansour (See Unlock Table) which sports a full set of Daedric Armor.

NPC Prisoners will appear once you get to the top rank in several factions: Archmage Trebonius (Mages Guild), Gentleman Jim Stacey (Thieves Guild), Master Sjoring Hard-Heart (Fighters Guild), Grand Master Varus Vantinius (Imperial Legion), Archmagister Gothren, Archmaster Bolvyn Venim and Orvas Dren (Telvanni).

Inneres Dwemer Factory

I was originally planning to add a quest to the house-mod which, after clearing a small dungeon and defeating a boss enemy would have let the player take control of an Ancient Dwemer Factory which should have allowed the player to manufacture Steam Centurions and Spiders. While the dungeon is completed, unfortunately I lacked the ability to complete the quest/script part so it was left unfinished, screenshots of the layout are available as concept art. If you wish to visit the areas related to inneres open the console and type COC followed by the cell names: "Inneres, Entrance"; "Inneres, Depths"; "Inneres, West Tower"; "Inneres, Dungeon of Darkness".

New Armors Merchant

New Armors Merchant added to Seleth's house; he will sell all the pretty armors worn by the guards.

This is a Telvanni Stronghold and you WILL need Levitation to access the higher floors.
You can safely install this mod even during the Telvanni quest to complete Tel Uvirith since I did not mess up with the scripts. It will be best though, to install it after you completed the third stage in order to fully appreciate the modifications.
If you want Tel Uvirith to look like in the screenshots you have to install Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds And Graphics
If you have installed the 2003 Version of this mod (Uvirith Expanded 2.0), perform a clean save, then install "Magistrate Uvirith Revamped".
I know Morrowind's ten years old and I am well aware there are several Uvirith mods so I was somehow expecting a cold reception, I wasn't expecting it to be THAT cold though, I know one should mod for himself and eventually share, but sharing, posting screenshots and mantaining a public mod is definitely time consuming and considered there were very few downloads and not even a single endorsment, unless something changes, I do NOT plan to further the development of this mod (aside from bug fixing if they arise) and perhaps I will get back at modding Skyrim.

Initial release.
2003 Final Release.
2013 Initial Re-Release.
Name change from "Magistrate Uvirith Expanded" to "Magistrate Uvirith Revamped".
Cleaned all the dirty edits.
Fixed several bugs.
Redesigned all the Unique NPCs from ground up.
Given Lore-Friendly names to all NPCs.
Included "Telvanni Mesh Improvement".
Included select Apachii Hairs from "Mel Hair Pack".
Added a "Toned Down" Version.
Fixed a bug in the Tower Prison.
Major Update
Added "Weather Changing Crystal" Script.
Added Weather Changing Crystal Altar in Travel Room.
Added Weather Changing Crystal on the roof.
Added a script which will place the Guards and Captains from the various factions according to the PC rank.
New Armor: Leopard's Armor added to Praetorians.
New Armor: Dibella's Armor added to Templar Guards.
New Armor: Akatosh's Armor added to Telvanni Guards.
New Armor: Circle's Armor added to Vault Guards.
New NPC: Braynas Seleth which sells the new armors.
Raised the costs of all armors towards high-end.
Minor additions to the Throne Room.
Added a strongbox in the Alchemy Room with a Levitate Ring.
Changed some containers names, IDs and capacity.
Reworked (toned down) Display Room lighting
Removed scripts from VIP Prisoners
Added a new room: "Tel Uvirith, Tower Sanctum"
Removed a few roots and obstacles here and there to ease navigation.
Maintenance Release
Moved Personal Assistant Inventory to an owned chest in her room.
Corrected rank of Personal Assistant according to lore (from Magister to Master).
Added description and author info.
Slightly moved a Root in Personal Office to ease navigation.
Updated Weather Crystal Model from Standard Crystal to Green Crystal.
Updated some Unique NPCs data to correct values.
Updated Vault Guards Inventory and Armors to correct values.
Maintenance Release
Added dynamic scripts to VIP Prisoners in the Tower Prison:
Become head of Mages Guild -> Archmage Trebonius will appear in a cell.
Become head of the Thieves Guild -> Masterthief Gentleman Jim Stacey will appear in a cell.
Become head of the Fighters Guild -> Master Sjoring Hard-Heart will appear in a cell.
Become head of the Imperial Legion -> Grand Master Varus Vantinius will appear in a cell.
Become head of Telvanni -> Archmagister Gothren, Archmaster Bolvyn Venim and Orvas Dren will appear in a cell.
Replaced Prison Doors in East Wing with Force Fields.
Added second Force Field Control in the East Wing.
Removed Dwemer Centurion and Dagoth Ur from Prison.
Maintenance Release
Better organized all the scripts and added NoLore function to all the NPCs.
Fixed small scripting error attached to Captain Sondryn Ramoran.
Added a missing script to Dungeon Wardens.
Fixed a bug with the second Force Field Control.
Fixed a clipping wall in the Tower Prison.

Extract everything into your data folder and activate the .ESP.

If you are upgrading from any previous version you should make a clean save since I had to change some Containers and NPCs IDs. Istructions as follow.
1) Load your savegame with the OLD version of the mod activated.
2) Empty all containers you may have filled with your stuff in the house.
3) Exit Tel Uvirith Interiors and enter a small, unrelated interior cell (e.g. XXX house)
4) Save your game and exit.
5) Uncheck the OLD version of the mod and remove it from your data folder
6) Put the NEW version of the mod in your data folder and activate it.
7) Load the game you just saved on Step 4 and ignore all errors.
8) Save the game again.
9) Load the game you just saved and you are golden.

Doubles are produced by the game when the data provided by an ESP are different from the data stored in a savegame, a scenario that typically appears when upgrading from one version of a mod to another.
1) Go to the "suspected" Double
2) Open the console
3) Select the "suspected" Double
4) Type ORI and press enter
5) If the "Origin" field displays "NONE" it is probably a double.
6) type DISABLE and press enter
7) type SETDELETE 1 and press enter
8) Save your game, reload and the double should be gone.
Warning: If you attempt to delete something that is NOT a double the game may CTD.

Magistrate Compilation - Command NPC
In order to better enjoy my mod, I suggest you to install the mods listed above which contains "Dracandros Voice", "Give Your Orders" and "Protective Guards". These mods will allow you (if you have reached the proper rank) to command and control the various NPCs present in this mod, use them as companion, send them out to missions, move them around and protect you if someone attack you while they are present.
Hi-Res Telvanni Texture
You may want to download this, a file by Plangkye which I saved from PES before extinction which makes Telvanni Architecture High Resolution while staying true to Bethesda design.

Morrowind Tribunal Expansion

This mod IS compatible with Rise of House Telvanni.
This mod is NOT compatible with anything that modifies Tel Uvirith's interiors.

ForceField Script by Scruggs
Telvanni Mesh Improvement by Champion of Hircine
Mel Hair Pack by Mel
Desk Model by Nicholiathan
Green Crystal Model by Qarl
Telvanni Turret Blue Retexture by Archmagestrix
Armors: Akatosh, Dibella, Leopard, Circle by Jeremy McGuinn

Magistrate Uvirith Revamped
Magistrate Demi-God Race
Magistrate Mages Guild Revamped

Magistrate's Oblivion Mods
Magistrate's Skyrim Mods

You are permitted to use these files in your mod as long as you send me a message to ask for permission and you credit me for use of my files.

This mod has been cleaned with TESAME.

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