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  1. 5THDIM83
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    From what I see in this, I really like the mod. Unfortunately, with the mods I currently use, it seems incompatible. I will research how to update the mod, so it is compatible with morrowind rebirth, and tamriel rebuilt. It does load properly for the most part, but only 1 entrance is usable, minus some shops. If anyone has advice, I will take it.

    ___EDIT - sorry, I realize that this is an older version. Apparently, there are some fixes. But I will see about editing.
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    epic amazing compilation mod

    too bad it completely ruins FPS
  3. ProfArmitage
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    As soon as I try to enter Enchanted Weapons, near the Temple, the game crashes. I click on the door, the interior starts to load, and then it dies. I'm not running anything but MGSO, to test this mod, and TESPCD isn't reporting any conflicts. Any thoughts?

    Also disappointing, the Read Me says "Balmora Expansion incorporates the following mods that should be unchecked in the MW data files list if you are currently using them:...Dave's Furniture Store Plug-In v1.6"

    It appears to only include the Balmora shop, while the original mod also included shops in Hla Oad and outside Vivec, selling different grades of merchandise. The inventory is also different. The first thing that I noticed is that the first merchant at the bottom of the stairs in the Furniture Shop originally sold a variety of storage containers, such as chests, barrels, and baskets. The Balmora Expansion version doesn't have those.

    Now that I look at it, it's possible that the problem is that this mod incorporates Furniture Store 1.6, while I'm comparing it to Furniture Store 2.01. I didn't realize the version variance was that significant.
    1. davidtcooper
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      I'm having exactly the same if it gives you any comfort you are not alone in your frustration. I've also investigated the problem and can't find any conflicts..oddly the problem did not occur when I first started playing the mod. I managed to get into the store several times and then suddenly it acted as you described. I did wonder whether it was something to do with levelled list items and those items contained in the shop, but that's just speculation on my part. Sorry I can't help, but if I find a resolution I'll let you know. It may be worthwhile asking Darkelfguy, who is very knowledgeable and very amenable to helping with these sort of problems.
  4. wadeh917
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    Did anyone else find the hidden chest with 8K gold in the "Family Problems" side quest? Also, the sister in the quest won't take the clothes I found...
  5. goonsdoom
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    This nearly broke my game. It caused multiple scripted mods to not work, as well as MGXE. It turned everything in my game a light brown hue rendering it unplayable. This is likely due to a conflict with one of my mods.... but this even turned off my custom crosshair. I don't recommend this to anyone. Luckily I had a backup.
  6. RavenMind
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    Love this mod. It really expands Balmora a lot & makes it seem like the center of Hlaalu trade. Outdoors, there's a big FPS hit on my non-gaming laptop, but that's to be expected. Recommended and endorsed!
  7. yzerman19
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    Does this work with Balmora Underworld?
  8. BrotherZebedee
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    Anyone else like this mod?
    1. Saggaris
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      The Original BE was a must have masterpiece, if this upload is in the same vein then you should be happy, from the pictures it looks the same as it did all that time ago so I can't see why not!
  9. thory575
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    where do i buy the house from??
  10. darkmatter97
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    wow thanks for the upload dude i was looking everywhere for this