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The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND: Boats
by abot & Arcimaestro Antares

1. OpenMW may NOT YET be compatible with this mod and I don't use->support OpenMW so please don't ask.

2. IF you are not using Tamriel Rebuilt, or you are using a Tamriel Rebuilt version 22.11 or higher,
install the content of "00 Base" folder and load abotBoats.esp

3. ELSE IF like me you keep using Tamriel Rebuilt version 21.01 + TR_Preview.esp,
install also the content of "01 TR2101 Only" folder
and DO NOT load abotBoats.esp, load in this (relative) order instead:

Version History:

- better routes compatibility with Black Tooth Pirates mod, some tweaks

- better routes compatibility with Wabbjack mod, some tweaks
- removed automatic detection of Redesigned Vivec as it could cause warning messages.
If you are using Redesigned Vivec by Piratelord, just open the in game console and type:
set ab01boRV to 1

- added EnableLevitation command to avoid problems if some mod uses DisableLevitation without using EnableLevitation when done
- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 21.01

- fixed a possible glitch with player temporary transparency after travel
- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 20.02

- added a new configuration option "Disable scenic ship at anchor in Seyda Neen" for better compatibility with other mods potentially using the scenic ship at anchor area
- floating animation of the ship at anchor in Seyda Neen done by script to avoid possible problems with the previously used .nif animation
- tweaked transparency of ship sails

- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 18.09

- fixed a possible problem with the end trip script
- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 18.07

- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 17.09 - includes needed changes to restore boat routes and AI to/from Bal Oyra, no need to use a mod slot for TR_OldTravel.esp

fixed missing extra trip NPCs slipped in abotBoats.esp contained in 1.18c package

fixed a possible bug on reloading a previous save, changed Darnim to Ildrim in ab01TR_Travels.esp

fixed a couple of missing static references causing error on start in abotBoats.esp, other minor changes to scripts, more cleaned ab01TR_Travels.esp

- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 16.12
- rock collision fixes
- better compatibility with Crooked Tower, LGNPC_GnaarMok, Shipwreck Home
- added code to allow player to better follow boat/riverstrider abrupt rotations in 1st person view mode to some boats that were still missing it. You can tweak it from the in-game configuration menu.

- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 16.03
- there's a new configurable option that, if you have Morrowind Code Patch SetAngle actor fix enabled, should allow player to better follow boat/riverstrider abrupt rotations in 1st person view mode. You can try and set it on the fly from the configuration menu, keep in mind that smaller value = more sensitivity. Default value is 60. You can also change the related global variable directly from console using e.g. set ab01ARA to 45
- fixed a reference to ab01ssNoScenic variable meant to be ab01boNoScenic in configuration script
- fixed boat hull/river striders splash doubling/out of sync sound

- slower scenic boats when player is not on boat
- better compatibility with Trade Disputes
- should be compatible with TR_Mainland.esm version 15.12.

- compatibility with Tamriel Rebuilt 14.08
- Bildam Nirith no more requires "Enable trips to mainland" option on to allow travel from Helnim to Sadrith Mora
- traveling FROM the Mainland should now be enabled by default also when using a game saved from a previous version of the mod
- added extra scenic trip route from Ebonheart to Almas Thirr (it makes sense using it only if you have TR alpha loaded)
- added a boat near Ammar boatmaster
- changed game settings so head tracking distance is practically reduced only in exteriors. This way you can avoid player continuosly moving head up-down when travelling, but keep head tracking near to default in interiors.

- fixed possible restoring of some magicka after traveling when player sign was Atronach
- fixed a wrong waypoint causing collision with a rock near Tel Branora
- fixed a wrong scenic spawning boat near Tel Mora
- updated for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East v 1.5
- lowered Data Files\Sound\abot\water\boat_waves.wav volume

- updated for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East v 1.2
- fixed incompatibility with mods deleting Ammar cell name (usually BTB settings)
- fixed Ammar boat trip location end
- changed one boat/ship texture
- some script tweaking

- fixed 2 texture paths

- updated for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East 1.1 compatibility
- fixed a scenic script naming
- fixed a scenic route waypoint
- minor boat texture changes
- changed some routes for better compatibility with "The Illumination of Conundwala" mod

- updated for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East compatibility!
- added new TR routes!
- fixed 2 global variables type from short to float. Now the
"Add standard trip duration" configuration option should work as expected
- fixed a Khuul-Solstheim scenic spawn point
- boat hull sound will be overwritten/silenced by sound replacers no more

- fixed one glitch with configuration menu back button
- moved Sadas Plantation dock river strider activators a little
- fixed ab01boRivStrid48b wrongly assigned script
- added some scenic spawning points
- reduced view bobbing at nighttime

- added Arcimaestro Antares' TR river striders!
- added (configurable) topic to access configuration menu also from dialog
- added configuration menu option to set a less foggy weather
- added configuration menu option to replace original docked TR river striders
- fixed Marog destination incompatibility with BTB - Settings.esp
- route and script adjusting

- fixed a bug with Nevosi Hlan route to Sadrith Mora in abotBoatsTR.esp

- fixed a (rare) potential crashing
- added extra boat route and shipmasters from Sadrith Mora to Helnim and back
- added a ladder to ship model
- Sadrith Mora - Tel Fyr route is now configurable by menu as
enabled/disabled/enabled only when Corprus quest is done (default)
- removed some unused things from abotBoats.esp
- extra/to Tamriel Rebuilt mainland routes are now provided by new shipmasters,
allowing also standard companion compatible fast travel.
- better compatibility with TR_CensusAndExciseTravel.esp

- Captain Frand Rolston wanders no more and is disabled until player character
creation is complete
- added extra boat route/shipmasters from Sadrith Mora to Tel Fyr and back
- added (configurable) lanterns to shipmasters
- fixed possible collision with boat gone back
- scenic spawning scripts revision
- some more shipmaster comments

- fixed a wrongly assigned mesh
- fixed some glitches on extra trips availability
- fixed Seyda Neen scenic ship mesh
- added scenic animated Frand Rolston rowboat in Seyda Neen

- Tamriel Rebuilt boat routes added!
- fixed a glitch with back button on configuration menu
- tweaked ship mesh a little near oar
- fixed a scenic colliding boat in Vivec
- removed a scenic boat spawn point in Vivec
- fixed conflict with Hla Oad boat moved by Mudcrab Island
- added Gnaar Mok fast travel destination to Ald Velothi extra
shipmaster Marena Hlan
- added Vos fast travel destination to Firewatch extra
shipmaster Dalam Vendal
- added scenic ship to Seyda Neen to extra shipmaster Frand Rolston
- sail08 texture darkened a little

- fixed a conflict with one rock near Sadrith Mora
- fixed a wrong version fisherman bb texture
- better compatibility with Redesigned Vivec

- fixed some missing textures

- added Arcimaestro Antares' new ship sails and shipmaster animations!
- fixed a dialog error with Rindral Dralor, Vevrana Aryon, Blatta Hateria
- fixed a bug with Blatta Hateria end trip
- route change to avoid colliding with a vanilla rock near Khuul
- route change for better compatibility with Mournhold Clockmaker 1.0.esp
- flipped reading passenger skirt UV, seems to look better
- added vanilla/colored version of sails textures so you can keep your
preferred version

- added Arcimaestro Antares' new boat sails and shipmaster animations, yay!
- reworked shipmaster heads and clothes
- tweaked routes speed
- fixed a conflict with one of Vurt's Ashlands Overhaul2.esp trees near Molag Mar
- reworked some shipmaster's comments
- set boats a little higher for better compatibility with MGE dynamic waves

1.00 - first release

This is probably just for people who liked my other silt striders and
gondoliers mod.

You can now also travel by boat in real time, and dismount anywhere in
between trip starting and ending points (e. g. you can take the boat
from Ebonheart to Hla Oad and waterwalk/swim to Seyda Neen when you are
passing nearby).

Note: Real time travel by boat is LONG. If you are not interested in
scenery views you will probably find this mod boring. You have been

Normal version requires Bloodmoon.esm.
Tamriel Rebuilt version requires Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm,
Tamriel_Data.esm, TR_Mainland.esm.

IF you have a compatible Tamriel Rebuilt version installed,
load abotBoatsTRYYMM.esp,
ELSE load abotBoats.esp (do not load both).

abotRiverStridersTRYYMM.esp NEEDS abotBoatsTRYYMM.esp and MUST be
loaded/dated AFTER it.

Also, to avoid MGE drawing the reflection/shadows of replaced
river striders, you should add to your MGE exception list the line

tr\cr\tr_riverstrider_nr.nif=ignore no_script

and regenerate distant land.

To enjoy the scenic trips use the shipmaster "- scenic travel" dialog

To dismount from the boat or reach destination immediately activate
the boat while sailing. From the same menu you can also configure the

From version 1.09, the configuration menu can also be accessed from
a (configurable) dialog topic.

From the configuration menu you can enable/disable the extra trips to
Seyda Neen, Ald Velothi, Tel Fyr.
If you are using the Tamriel Rebuilt version, you can enable also routes
to and from Firewatch and Helnim, and other extra routes are available
with the river striders add-on.

You can also start the configuration menu from the game console if you
so prefer, typing
startscript ab01bogconfigscript

While extra trips are enabled by default, the routes to Tamriel Rebuilt
mainland are enabled by default only if the main quest has been completed.
If you want to enable mainland routes from the start, just use the
included configuration menu option.
To enable supported routes to TR_preview.esp you need also to select
"Yes, + unreleased TR maps" in the "Enable extra trips" configuration option.

In a similar way, Sadrith Mora-Tel Fyr route is enabled by default only
when Corprus quest is done, if you want to enable it from the start
just use the related configuration menu option.

To fully enjoy mod potential, you should have latest MGE/MGE XE distant
land, MGE/XE "Customize 3rd person camera" checked (you don't need to change
standard 0 -160 0 values, just have the checkbox ticked), some MGE keys
set to move the 3rd person view camera (I like using the arrow keys), and
last but not least MCP(Morrowind Code Patch) with these options checked:
reduce camera clipping, vanity camera lock.

This will allow you to pan the camera in 3rd person view mode and enjoy a
more stable and much more scenic experience during boat trips.

For infos about setting MGE keys/macros, see

Oh, and don't forget your preferred tree replacers/landscape enhancers
of course!

Since version 1.02 there are vanilla/color new sails textures in folders
Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\vanilla\
Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\color\

e.g. if you don't like the couple of new recolored red/blue boat sails,
you can replace them with vanilla sails, just copying
Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\vanilla\
over Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\,
Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\vanilla\
over Data Files\Textures\abot\bo\

Current routes:
* new shipmaster
(1) if extra trips enabled
(2) if related quest is done
(3) compatible Tamriel Rebuilt version only
(4) with river striders loaded only
(5) meant for TR_Preview testing only, the "Yes, + unreleased TR maps" configuration option
will also auto enable trips to mainland regardless of "Enable trips to mainland" option.

from Ald Velothi(1) (Marena Hlan*) to Khuul, Gnaar Mok
from Dagon Fel (Haema Farseer) to Khuul, Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Tel Mora, Molag Mar
from Ebonheart (Blatta Hateria) to Holamayan(2)
from Ebonheart (Nevosi Hlan) to Hla Oad, Sadrith Mora, Tel Branora, Vivec
from Ebonheart(1) (Sansi Andrethi*) to Seyda Neen, Ildrim(3)(2), Old Ebonheart(5), Andothren(5), Almas Thirr(5)
from Fort Frostmoth (Basks-In-The-Sun) to Khuul, Raven Rock
from Gnaar Mok (Valveli Arelas) to Hla Oad, Khuul
from Gnaar Mok(1)(Rogus Othren*) to Ald Velothi
from Hla Oad (Baleni Salavel) to Ebonheart, Gnaar Mok, Molag Mar, Vivec
from Holamayan (Vevrana Aryon) to Ebonheart(2)
from Khuul (Talmeni Drethan) to Dagon Fel, Gnaar Mok
from Khuul(1)(Miron Balur*) to Ald Velothi
from Molag Mar (Rindral Dralor) to Hla Oad, Tel Branora, Vivec
from Raven Rock (Veresa Alver) to Fort Frostmoth(2)
from Sadrith Mora (Gals Arethi) to Ebonheart, Dagon Fel, Tel Branora, Tel Mora
from Sadrith Mora(1)(2) (Bralin Milar*) to Tel Fyr
from Seyda Neen(1) (Captain Frand Rolston*) to Ebonheart, Old Ebonheart(5), Andothren(5)
from Tel Aruhn (Daynas Darys) to Dagon Fel, Tel Mora, Vos
from Tel Branora (Nireli Farys) to Ebonheart, Molag Mar, Sadrith Mora, Vivec
from Tel Fyr(1)(2) (Rogas Tistar*) to Sadrith Mora
from Tel Mora (Tonas Telvani) to Dagon Fel, Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Vos
from Vos (Sedyni Veran) to Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Tel Mora

from Alt Bosara(3) (Hlavora Gilnith) to Necrom, Tel Mothrivra, Llothanis
from Necrom(3) (Galore Nothro*) to Bal Oyra, Tel Ouada, Gorne (1)
from Necrom(3) (Tedril Nothro) to Alt Bosara, Enamor Dayn
from Necrom(3) (Relam Salor*) to Alt Bosara, Necrom Lighthouse
from Necrom Lighthouse(3)(1) (Nevrile Vendo*) to Alt Bosara, Necrom
from Ammar(3)(1) (Manis Varo*) to Ildrim, Helnim
from Bahrammu(3) (Marthen Redri) to Bal Oyra
from Bal Oyra(3) (Viania Claeni) to Firewatch, Tel Ouada, Bahrammu
from Ildrim (3) (Ieva Llori) to Marog, Helnim
from Ildrim(3)(2)(1) (Talis Rothrano*) to Tel Branora, Seyda Neen, Ammar, Old Ebonheart(5)
from Firewatch(3)(2) (Dalam Vendal*) to Vos
from Firewatch(3) (Virevar Tilvayn) to Bal Oyra, Helnim, Tel Ouada
from Helnim(3) (Andrere Moriard) to Firewatch, Marog, Ildrim
from Helnim(3)(2) (Bildam Nirith*) to Sadrith Mora, Ammar(1)
from Marog(3) (Selothril Llana) to Helnim, Ildrim
from Sadrith Mora(3)(2) (Orvas Shand*) to Helnim
from Tel Ouada(3) (Dunveri Rodran) to Bal Oyra, Firewatch
from Vos(3)(2) (Aleri Samori*) to Firewatch

from Alt Bosara(3)(4) (Masalmalu Mendasi) to Llothanis, Tel Mothrivra
from Gah Sadrith(3)(4) (Yugil Nethrit) to Port Telvannis
from Llothanis(3)(4) (Bolnosdin Grit) to Alt Bosara, Tel Ouada, Port Telvannis
from Port Telvannis(3)(4) (Fina Hertish) to Tel Ouada, Llothanis
from Port Telvannis(3)(4) (Gadam Costis) to Gah Sadrith, Sadas Plantation
from Sadas Plantation(3)(4) (Mordinara Valethi) to Port Telvannis
from Tel Mothrivra(3)(4) (Orvano Tralen) to Alt Bosara
from Tel Ouada(3)(4) (Aamunos Rolvar) to Llothanis, Port Telvannis

from near Baldrahn(3)(4)(1) ( Remavo Meno*) to near Ranyon-ruhn, Tel Ouada
from Tel Ouada(3)(4)(1) (Idros Meno*) to near Ranyon-ruhn, near Baldrahn
from near Ranyon-ruhn(3)(4)(1) (Aren Saren*) to Tel Ouada, near Baldrahn
from near Tel Mothrivra(3)(4)(1) (Adosi Vendu*) to Boethian Falls, Hla Bulor
from Hla Bulor(3)(4)(1) (Nalene Relas*) to near Tel Mothrivra, Boethian Falls
from Boethian Falls(3)(4)(1) (Meden Moras*) to near Tel Mothrivra, Hla Bulor

If you have Wrye's Mash installed, suggested procedure is to use Mash updaters

- rotations are a little abrupt

- no companions aboard

- the visual bobbing while sailing is not perfect and can sometimes lead
to weird player angles. Correct angles are reset at the end of the trip,
but if you can't bear with it, just disable the option from the configuration menu

- like most real-time movement scripts, if you drop a object while sailing
it will not move with you, so don't do it!

- I tried to minimize them, but there may be possible colliding between
player boat and a scenic/going back boat.
Nothing serious really happens, the other boat should disappear/does not
really collide, but it is a little immersion-breaking.
A good way to avoid this with boats going back is to wait for the boat
going back to be a little distant before taking a new trip.

- There are no usable water routes available without mod conflicts
(e.g. Redesigned Vivec, Vivec Expansion) and/or heavy vanilla
landscape/bridges changes for Ano Andaram (the shipmaster near the
Vivec silt strider), so I decided to skip him and add the missing
routes to the Ebonheart shipmaster instead.
The scenic routes with Ano Andaram as destination have been similarly
targeted to Ebonheart docks or Vivec Temple docks.
There is not a dedicated scenic boat service (a new shipmaster) from
Vivec Temple dock to Ebonheart because I think who is using boats will
be using gondoliers also, and there is a gondolier route already from
Vivec temple to Ebonheart docks.

- the river strider rowing sound may sometimes double/go out of sync
when wings are spread

- without MCP reduce camera clipping/MGE active, you may experience
stuttering while travelling on river strider

To avoid the need of thousands of waypoints for the routes, I used
geometry and positioning instead of AI, creatures instead of activators
to bypass cellchange problems, Face command to rotate.

As usual, I tried to be as compatible as possible, so routes are not so
straight but landscape is unchanged and objects moved are minimal.

To avoid hostile attacks when travelling, player by default is set
invisible by script (a ...invisible invisibility effect).
Don't use a constant invisibility item while travelling, you don't need
it and probably you will have to wait the end of the trip before the
invisibility transparency of your spell is reset unequipping the
enchanted item.

Care has been taken trying to be compatible with other mods, but being
so many mods around obviously this can not be guaranteed.

Speed change selected using the configuration menu is effective when
next waypoint with different scheduled speed is reached.

When possible (e.g. route is not too long/narrow) there are 2
distinct/parallel routes for boats with/without player aboard.
When this is not possible (e.g. Molag Mar/Dagon Fel routes) they both
use the same route, so boat crashing each other should be rare due to
different boat speeds, but still possible as stated in "know glitches"

Real time transport fees are aligned with standard Morrowind
(calculated as the crow flies), not on effective trip distance, so for
instance Firewatch - Tel Ouada costs less than Firewatch - Bal Oyra,
even if Bal Oyra is in between.
Real time transport fees do not change with disposition like normal
fast travel do though.

It is not simple making scripted creature animations work seamlessly with
current MCP animation fix installed, anyway I think the chosen compromise
(using playgroup idle3 1 to keep respecting loop start/stop at the price
of a possible river strider legs stutter when spreading wings) works well
enough with or without current MCP fix.

If seeing the mod coloured in yellow while using Mash annoys you, just
click the mod and the "save" button on bottom right to update the master list.

set ab01debug to 25 will enable some debugging messages.
set ab01boSpeed to 1000 or whatever for faster debugging

If you find a problem with a boat, bug report may be more helpful if you:
- open the game console
- click the boat (you should see the boat id in the game console window header)
- type in the game console:
to show boat script variable values
- tell me what the problem is and:
the boat id, dest, pass, xd, yd values

You can also set the step variable from 1 to -1 to reverse trip when debugging

abot: scripting, dialogue, general tampering
Arcimaestro Antares: new meshes and animations

This mod is a tribute to everyone contributing to MGE, MGE XE, MCP, to
scenery/trees modders, to Tamriel Rebuilt team for giving us more and
better world to enjoy.

Extra huge thanks to Arcimaestro Antares for the beautiful new
animations (and patience!), blame him for the scenic sunsets you may lose
while zooming at the lady ;-)

Thanks to Arcimaestro Antares, ddfields, Hul, and anybody else reporting
bugs and giving feedback/suggestions.

The new boat, ship animation and river strider mesh/animation have been
done from scratch in Blender by Arcimaestro Antares, river strider textures
(except the eye) are reworked standard Bethesda.

A shipmaster/fish hunter are from Phaedrus' slaughterfish hunters
,bodies are from Better Bodies
, heads and hairs are from Better Heads (heads retexture by

, shirts and pants are from Better Clothes
and from Plangkye's More Better Clothes

One passenger lady is a reworked sitting lady by Lady Eternity from
Dragons Breech resources, with a head retexture by Emma based on a mesh
by Rhedd and Allerleirauh, hair by Ren, book retexture from Better Books
by William The Taffer.

The other lady is from Lidicus'URM creatures (seducer) dressed with
Korana's flemish dress from Clothiers of VVardenfell

Ship ladder is a reworked mesh from Darknuts's Greater Dwemer Ruins Vol. 1
Other items and levitation magic effect are reworked standard game

Some caravaner's comments come from and some from
Beth Forums users (thanks Athirena and Dragon32).

A wave sound is from,
others are reworked Morrowind sounds.

river strider rowing sound is from

river strider eye texture is reworked from

I have changed levitation magic effect mesh to be invisible for better
immersion when travelling.
If for any reason you want to restore the original effect,
you can delete the Data Files\Meshes\e\magic_hit_Levitate.nif

As usual, feel free to use for modding/playing Morrowind anything done
by me or Arcimaestro Antares, just give credit when credit is due and
be sure to be compatible with this mod (this usually means: always use
different ids, not super-easy, but if you are a moddercapable to tackle
with the code you should know how to do it).

Be prepared though, the real hard work is creating the routes!

Anyway, I really love this mod, maybe you'll like it too.