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abot - Arcimaestro Antares

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You can travel by boat, ship and river strider in real time, and dismount anywhere in between trip starting and ending points

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1. OpenMW may NOT YET be compatible with this mod and I don't use/support OpenMW so don't ask.

2. IF you are using Tamriel Rebuilt version 22.11 or higher, probably simpler way to update and keep using the mod in Vvardenfell routes is:
a) remove from your loading list abotBoatsTR2101.esp and abotRiverStridersTR2101.esp, run the game and load a save ignoring error messages, make a new save (e.g. called boatsupdate)
b) add abotBoats.esp to your loading list, run the game, load the boatsupdate save, make a new save and eventually use Wrye Mash\repair all on it

3. ELSE IF like me you keep using TR Version 21.01/TR_Preview.esp, don't load abotBoats.esp, load in this (relative) order:

This is probably just for people who liked my other silt striders and gondoliers mods.

You can now also travel by boat in real time, and dismount anywhere in between trip starting and ending points (e. g. you can take the boat
from Ebonheart to Hla Oad and waterwalk/swim to Seyda Neen when you are passing nearby).

Note: Real time travel by boat is LONG. If you are not interested in scenery views you will probably find this mod boring. You have been warned.

abotBoats.esp is compatible with TR 22.11
abotBoatsTR2101.esp, abotRiverStriders2101.esp are compatible with TR 21.01