1. Hrnchamd
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    MGE XE 0.11.6 is released!

    Upgrading is highly recommended due to the performance increase in cities compared to previous 0.11.x versions. Thanks to those who reported and helped test out the fixes. See changelog for details. PNG screenshot save time is also highly improved.
  2. liknzelda
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    Is there any way to zoom in (with this mod or any Morrowind mod), like the Optifine mod for Minecraft? I only get results for zooming in on a map any time I search, and I would like to appreciate the fine details of Vvardenfell.
    1. AYLeiDRuiN
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      You probably found it, but you can set up a macro in one of the tabs of MGExe and enable Zoom. I set Numpad 4,5,6 =zoomIn, ZoomOff, ZoomOut.
  3. Harbrenn
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    Heya. One thing bugs me - otherwise MGE XE works beautifully.

    It's the Distant Land option (quite frankly, the one half of my environmental mods depend on). No errors occur when I enable it and generate textures. No matter what settings I run with, though, the game always ends up missing textures when I launch it with Distant Land enabled.
    Interiors are all black.
    Exteriors are all white, with only silhouettes of objects visible against the skybox.
    Spell effects etc. all remain fully working.
    Here's what my log is saying:

    MGE XE 0.9.9
    MWSE dll injected
    >> CreateD3DWrapper
    -- CreateD3DWrapper calling Direct3DCreate9
    << CreateD3DWrapper
    >> D3D Proxy CreateDevice
    -- D3D Proxy Factory OK
    << D3D Proxy CreateDevice
    >> CreateInputWrapper
    Could not open MGE\dinput.data for reading.
    You need to run MGEXEgui at least once to create the save files.
    << CreateInputWrapper
    -- Proxy Keyboard OK
    -- Proxy Mouse OK
    >> HUD init
    << HUD init
    -- Proxy Mouse OK
    -- Proxy Mouse OK
    >> Distant Land init
    >> Distant Land init BSAs
    >> Distant Land init shader
    -- Shader compiled OK
    -- Shadow map shader compiled OK
    -- Depth shader compiled OK
    >> Distant Land init fixed function emu
    >> Distant Land init post shaders
    >> Post Process shader init
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\SSAO HQ.fx loaded
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\Underwater Interior Effects.fx loaded
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\Underwater Effects.fx loaded
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\Sunshafts.fx loaded
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\Bloom Soft.fx loaded
    -- Post shader Data Files\shaders\XEshaders\Eye Adaptation (HDR).fx loaded
    -- Shader chain indicates HDR On
    -- Shader chain replaces standard Morrowind sun glare
    << Post Process shader init
    >> Distant Land init depth
    >> Distant Land init shadow
    >> Distant Land init water
    -- Distant Land init dynamic water
    >> Distant Land init world
    >> Landscape Load
    !! Could not load world normal map texture for distant land
    -- HUD release

    Any ideas? I'm at my wit's end :/
    1. toxictantrum
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      Bro I'm having the same issue and can't find anything. Have you found a solution yet?
    2. half11
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      The previous user has found a solution in the Morrowind Modding Community Discord. I quote:
      Manual installation worked. Even though the files were the same - they were loose and just scrolling through them made me realize that d3d8.dll indeed WAS important. The reason the .dll was locked in my case was due to Morrowind Launcher process constantly running in the background (I had to disable a certain mod to remedy that). Afterwards, I just replaced the old .dll with the new .dll
      Seems the MGE version discrepancy was due to just that one file.
      Leaving this info here for future generations in case they also hear to "forget the .dll, just install it".
      In addition, you should run both mgexegui.exe and morrowind.exe as an admin. Hope this helps.
  4. oblivionmodmandownloader
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    I was generating everything fine for a while, but now, I can't generate my distant land properly.
  5. tpark27
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    Maybe I'm missing something glaring here.. getting the "serious error" message that is mentioned in the OP, checked my logs, says the distant static renderings need regenerating.. which I have regenerated multiple times to no avail.

    Am I missing a step here?
  6. judenrat
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    Doesn't work on Steam, Windows 10. Tried run as admin, nothing.
  7. captainydoc
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    Quick question! How can I edit my MGE XE settings after initial install? Do I simply have to run the installation process again? I'm new to this.
    1. PeppermintRain
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      I had no problems uninstalling it and reinstalling it with different settings. I'm not sure if there is a better way to do this, but I ended up doing that and there was no issue.
    2. captainydoc
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      Very good. Where do I uninstall from?
    3. shivatheo
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      Just run MGEXEgui.exe to edit settings
  8. PeppermintRain
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    I'm having a problem with grass/ground cover collision. I cannot walk through any of the grasses or groundcovers.
    I read that grass plugins should not be enabled, however, as far as I can tell, they are not. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really enjoy the look of the grass, but I will have to disable all grass if I can't pass through it, as it renders most of the land inaccessible.
    Edit: I managed to make it so that I can pass through grasses, but they are now all bright yellow missing textures.
    Edit of Edit, for anyone experiencing this problem: I simply turned off groundcover and now it's fine. The game doesn't look that much different overall, so I think I'll just go groundcover free.
  9. matilija
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    I've been away from morrowind for a while, but when I saw a new MGE XE I decided I would give it a go, but unfortunately, the GUI won't open, no errors, no nothing, it just doesn't open at all, I've downloaded the visual C++ 2015-2019 redistributable for both x64 and x86, I've also double checked and made sure that DX9 was installed......I just can't figure it out, any ideas?
    1. matilija
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      Just wanted to note that I fixed my issue, if anyone else runs into an issue where the gui simply won't launch, you need to make sure that you have both the x64 and x86 versions of the C++ redistributables, not just 2015-2019 but also 2010 ect. After I downloaded the x86 2010 C++ redist(which was the only one not already installed on my PC) the GUI now loads properly, and everything functions. Just thought I would share my solution.
  10. insectlover96
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    The renderer and distant lands options are greyed out for me for some reason. Wont let me click on shader setup or distant land generator wizard. I'm using an RTX 2060 graphics card, so I should be able to handle it.
  11. OmegaK
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    When using Aesthesia Groundcover with MGE XE, I notice a weird unsmooth lighting/shading issue with the grass that varies with distance.

    Here is a video from another user with the same problem.

    Does anyone know of any setting or customization in MGE XE that can resolve this issue?