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Enjoy some local food and drink or look into the mysterious disturbances at The Lizard\'s Head inn.

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Excerpt from The Traveller's Guide to Dining:

The Lizard's Head - (Rating: 1 Gold)

The Lizard's Head, in the waistworks of the Telvanni canton in Vivec, is frequented mostly by travelling Telvanni, though one will occasionally run across an outland visitor. If your tastes tend toward the exotic, you will find the menu quite interesting. The House Special is excellent, though the crunchy fried fish scales are an acquired taste. The proprietress, Manara Othan, is quite fond of mushrooms, so they are in many of the dishes, including the ash yam pie. A nice selection of wines, as well as local and imported liquors, is available. As a side note, rumors abound that the inn is haunted.

- The ability to buy meals and drinks
- Extensive dialogue for six characters and minor dialogue for seven characters, which may vary based on race, gender, faction, disposition, current events, and quest state (make sure you revisit all topics occasionally)
- New books and various new objects added to enhance the environment
- A small quest for a poor soul
- An Octavo01 book template in the Extras folder for modder use for figuring out how to map images when creating new book covers

- Meals are alchemy objects so that they can give effects when eaten. Unfortunately, this means that they make bubbling sounds. :P

- Removing any of the enhanced original characters from The Lizard's Head cell (by using something like Command Humanoid) may result in incorrect behavior because their controlling scripts are in the environment, not attached to the NPCs.