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The official Bethesda Plugins, with alternative compilation plugin.

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Official Bethesda Plugins
Area Effect Arrows
Area Effect Arrows adds a new shop selling a wide selection of quality Marksman weapons, all for sale at Aradraen's shop in the Lower Waistworks of Vivec's Foreign Quarter canton. The items added are available here and nowhere else, but fortunately, she has an unlimited supply.

The projectiles included with this plugin are unique in that they will explode on impact, dealing fire, frost, shock or poison damage to any creatures or NPCs within range of the explosion.

Bitter Coast Sounds
Bitter Coast Sounds adds ambient noise and dragonflies all over the Bitter Coast region. It does not affect gameplay in any way, but merely makes the environment seem more swamp-like.

The dragonflies added by this plugin are physical objects, not effects, and as such they have collision boxes. It is not recommended that you jump into a group of dragonflies, as you may find it hard to get out.

Helm of Tohan
Helm of Tohan adds a new quest to find the titular, legendary artifact. The quest can be started by asking for rumors around Dagon Fel, who will direct you to the Daedric ruin of Onnissiralis. Outside the ruin are two warring brothers, one of whom will accompany you as you enter the ruins to find the artifact. It is not an Artifact in the usual sense in TES games, as it does not come pre-enchanted.

Entertainers adds the option to entertain the patrons of the Eight Plates in Balmora for Dulnea Ralaal. You can perform a variety of tricks to receive a small cash reward.

Master Index
Master Index adds a new quest to find all ten Propylon Indices. The quest can be started by talking to Folms Mirel at the Guild of Mages in Caldera. Completing the quest will earn you the Master Propylon Index, which allows for easier transport via the propylon chamber system.

Adamantium Armor
Adamantium Armor adds the titular armor from the Tribunal expansion to various locations around Vvardenfell. Tribunal is not required to use the plugin, as the models for the armor are included. The plugin does not include an Adamantium Helm, however. It can only be obtained from either Tribunal or the Helm of Tohan plugin, which adds a unique copy of the helm with increased enchantment value. There is no Adamantium shield, even with all official expansions and plugins installed.

Siege at Firemoth
Siege at Firemoth adds a small island chain southwest of Seyda Neen, and a small quest involving taking out a large army of skeletons. Unlike most areas in the game, this place is very combat-oriented—you may find yourself facing dozens of enemies at one time. At the end, you will face Grurn, the leader of the island's undead, and a powerful lich to boot. You will be rewarded with the Ward of Akavir, a shield with a constant effect Fortify Luck enchantment.

LeFemm Armor
LeFemm Armor adds two new sets of armor; Domina Armor and Gold Armor, specifically designed for female characters. The new armors may be worn by both male and female characters, but will look a little funny on men.

Additionally, the plugin includes female models for four previously existing armors which used male models on female characters; specifically Imperial Steel
Cuirass, Imperial Chain Cuirass, Netch Leather Cuirass and Steel Cuirass. Unfortunately, these female versions of the old armors were not actually implemented by the plugin, even though the models were added. There are third party mods which correct this oversight; additionally, they are present in the Tribunal expansion.