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Added: 03/05/2006 - 01:41AM
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Last updated at 1:41, 3 May 2006 Uploaded at 1:41, 3 May 2006

To the downloaders:

I am not the author of this file, but a submitter. Tired of having slow Frames per Second rates due to large towns or large amounts of monsters? This program helps with that problem. This mod was made by Alexander Stasenko.

Why should I use it?

Did you notice that, while playing Morrowind, your FPS rate is sometimes very low in towns, but is quite high enough in wilderness areas? (oh, I guess you did :) This can make the game unplayable at very low FPS rates, and in the case of higher rates, the benefit is often wasted - you can hardly see the visual improvement after 30 FPS. This extra FPS can be used to provide better rendering quality (greater View Distance, etc.).
So, maintaining a stable FPS rate while dynamically changing render quality seems to be a logical solution to this problem. This program is designed to provide just such a feature. Moreover, it provides in-game hotkeys to instantly change render quality parameters. So, for example, if you usually play with half View Distance you can instantly switch to and from full (and even beyond that) View Distance.

This program does not degrade or interfere with your Morrowind performance in any way. It does not modify your morrowind.exe or other game files. It works together with the game, helping it to provide better performance by directly retrieving and modifying several in-game parameters. This process is safe because this program validates Morrowind process before any actions, so even if you patch your game, at worst the FPS Optimizer will simply stop doing anything, and report this problem. Because of that it can be probably used with *any* cracked and not very deeply localized morrowind.exe.

The FPS Optimizer does not write to the system registry or create "hidden" files, or files places in obscure or hard-to-find places on your hard drive. So, if you decide you don't like the FPS Optimizer, you can always erase the program and all its files ("mw_fps_opt.exe", "mw_fps_opt.hlp" and maybe "mw_fps_opt.ini") located in one folder to COMPLETELY remove it from your system.
This program is absolutely FREE. And this is not a trojan.

So you will probably like to use this program if:

* you can't "afford" playing Morrowind with all options maximized all the time;
* you want to get more from the game by setting some options beyond their game default maximum value;
* you want to enhance gameplay with rather unique features like TRUFORM (game world geometry smoothness and more correct lightning).

NOTE: this program is not intended to be a FPS "booster": it is called "optimizer" because you can archive the same performance by adjusting game setting manually. Hopefully, Morrowind FPS Optimizer just does it better: for example, can you continuously change View Distance manually to adopt current View Distance for you local situation?