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Keep track of Morrowind\'s trainers in-game, without resorting to cheats.

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Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

Adds dialogue to all of the game's trainers so they will tell you what they can teach and to what level.
Viewing this dialogue adds an entry to your Journal, so you can easily find these trainers again when you're
ready to train in a certain skill. The trainer's location is also logged. This allows you to keep track of the
game's trainers, without resorting to cheats (i.e. books that tell you where all of the best trainers are), thus
making it more rewarding to explore and find these trainers yourself.

Copy "Trainer Log.esp" to your Morrowind data folder and activate it - this is the main file and is required.
*IF* you have the "Area Effect Arrows" official plugin, also copy "Trainer Log - AEA.esp" to your data folder and activate it AFTER the main file.

For these topics to appear in-game, you must talk to one of the following characters:

Socucius Ergalla, the guy in the Census and Excise Office who makes you pick a class - ask him about "Morrowind"
(best choice for starting a New Game)

Caius Cosades - ask him about "Blades Trainers"
(good choice for existing saved games)

Once you've viewed one of these topics, trainers will have 3 new topics each, in the format "Training - XXX", where XXX is the skill. Selecting the "Training - XXX" topics will add that trainer's info to your journal (under topic "Training - XXX"). Thus, if you're playing the game and realize you need some training in "Heavy Armor", simply check your journal entry "Training - Heavy Armor" to find trainers you've met with that skill.

For now this mod requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon. As the game is nearly 10 years old, I figure if you're still playing it there's really no reason why you shouldn't have Tribunal and Bloodmoon. If enough people (politely) ask, I might make a Morrowind-Only version.