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A replacer for the thunder sounds in Morrowind

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I always thought the sound effects for the thunders in Morrowind were kind of lame, especially the fact that they arrived at the player the same instance that the lightning struck. So since I'm pretty handy at sound editing ;) , I decided to do something about it. This little mod contains four real recordings of thunders from The Freesound Project which I cut, cleaned and converted for use in Morrowind. The game contains eight different sounds for thunders, but only seems to use four of them, so this mod only replaces those four. If at some time I find out that the game actually uses more, update this mod I shall.

See the following Youtube video for comparison with the original sounds:

None. Works on a completely unpatched vanilla Morrowind installation as well as a fully patched Game Of The Year installation.

Contains recordings by Pingel, Kaffein, FreqMan and FaireDesVagues from The Freesound Project (www.freesound.org). These recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.