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  1. Hellblaze123
    • supporter
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    Uuuhhhh so there's like no real information that i can see, how does one actually use these? lol I just dropped the like, invisible one on the ground, and it's like, THERE, because i'm running into the hit box, but i can't interact with it at all nor get rid of it. I can't even select it with the console XD

    Also i'm using OpenMW, so not sure if that has an effect or not
    1. sundog005
      • supporter
      • 485 posts
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      Sheogorath bless modders who don't leave images or usage instructions....But yeah ditto how do you actually use this mod? Lol
    2. Ironlion45
      • member
      • 56 posts
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      This mod was made before you were even an itch in your daddy's scrotum, it's a repost.  When you buy the mannquin, you get an object that you drop from your inventory, and the script will create a mannequin standing exactly how you were.  

      You can then interact with it to place gear on it. 
  2. Kogorn
    • member
    • 185 posts
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    FYI, this DOES conflict with the most recent versions of Uvirith's Legacy. The conflicts are not gamebreaking, but one wall of the St. Delyn underworks gets screwed up and you will have to use the "tcl" console command to access the mannequin shop and the location Uvirith's Legacy places over there.
    1. EggOver1979
      • member
      • 816 posts
      • 67 kudos
      As of five years later this is still true, so I ginned up a quick fix esp here. All I did was move the doors to the end of the hallway on the other side, and flip the northmarker in the shop itself to make things line up better. If anyone wants me to take it down, I will. :)

      Edit: Just to be clear, you still need the original and probably the Mistform fix, you just install this over the original esp file. All credit to original authors of course.
    2. michaelvdnest
      • supporter
      • 1 posts
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  3. SexyLezo
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Alladins Bottle Revamp Mod has unlimited mannequins
  4. kingwulf
    • member
    • 421 posts
    • 6 kudos
    You can make a Portable Mannequins mod?
    Wanna place them in ma custom house.
    1. lovefalso
      • member
      • 364 posts
      • 3 kudos
      me too :(
      i think is perphaps hard to do...i mean basically the mannequins are a race.., picking and dropping races? lol. there is a mod that makes possible to pick,drop and rotate furniture, maybe some modder will mix all of them some day :)
  5. bakugan093099
    • member
    • 93 posts
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    If this isn't for oblivion then it is in the wrong nexus
    1. EndoranWest
      • member
      • 235 posts
      • 16 kudos
      how tho
    2. jojy123
      • premium
      • 204 posts
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      I know I'm late, but the reason the above comment was made @endoranwest, is because for a while Morrowind didn't have it's own NexusMods page. Everything got shoved in with Oblivion. Can't remember why, been ages, but... yeah.
  6. Selacha
    • member
    • 129 posts
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    I'm torn by this mod. On the one hand, it works perfectly, and has completely spruced up my player home and given me the opportunity to display my favorite armor sets. On the other hand, their heads follow me around the room, and it's honestly starting to creep me out. I tried using the mistform ones, but that just made it worse, since now empty helmets are following me around the room. So endorsed, but creepy.
  7. JMcclaned
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    do they work with westly head plug in and better bodies?
  8. Seva91
    • member
    • 25 posts
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    So, after reading the .txt file I can conclude that, in the in-game terms, mannequins are mute, helpless sentient beings, kept awake yet constantly paralyzed by a curse. They can be tortured but cannot be killed, and every time their owners get close enough, puppets stare at them and try desperately to kill them at the first opportunity. And I thought the entire corprus thing was miserable. ( o_o)
  9. puddinpoppy
    • member
    • 34 posts
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    This works perfectly, the little quest is a nice touch as well. Now I can put up as many mannis as I want to hold my collections.Bonus for jump scares whenever you first enter your display room. :pthanks! No conflicts with my over 125 mods and plugins.
  10. Shadeybladey
    • premium
    • 2,710 posts
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    What about the House of Mannequins - Mistform fix.esp?