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Khuul Expanded
Created by Casey Tucker

This is an expansion of the existing fishing village of Khuul. Located off the north-western Redoran coastland, the tiny settlement served little purpose but a junction between Vvardenfell and Solstheim. Now it is a little more lively, without straying too far from Bethesda's original vision.


- 12 new cells, which includes nine shack homes, a workshop, a mead tavern and a subterranean bandit hideout.

- Added additional ship, boats, dock area, and more aesthetic improvements to make Khuul a more convincing fishing settlement.

- Improved AI pathgrids.

- 19 new NPCs.

- One short but engaging quest with plenty of choices to make, allowing you to truly play your character. A new smuggler gang has arrived and is causing trouble in the village. Work closely with the Empire to drive the thieves out of Khuul.


- Extract Khuul Expanded.esp to your "Morrowind/Data Files/" directory.

If you use MGE:
A replacement grass mod has been provided to clear the tall grass out of Khuul. If you use MGE-rendered grass, a replace "Grass Beta_West Gash.esp" with "Grass Beta_West Gash-CT_Khuul".esp. Most of the grass that was previously in the way has been removed.

Feel free to distribute this mod however you wish. I did not create any of the resources used in this .esp. If you encounter any issues/bugs with this mod, please feel free to drop me a PM on the official forums or send an email to [email protected]

Khuul Expanded.esp cleaned with TESAME.