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  1. Kroxoman
    • member
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    When I click on apply anim mods on Morrowind Anim Kit UI 2.1 it say : Error while processing mods: String too long. Not a NIF file or unsupported format? Please can somebody help me to fix that ?
    1. citizengiants
      • member
      • 8 posts
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      same here
  2. lovefalso
    • member
    • 368 posts
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    This the updated version right?, this is 2012 :) and uploaded by Dirnae.
  3. SpaceDevo
    • member
    • 2,080 posts
    • 104 kudos
    Can a patch be made to go along with HedgeHog12's Jammings Off mod for smaller collision boxes?

    If not, could he have permission to do it himself?
  4. ArawnBalek
    • member
    • 284 posts
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    YES this is exactly what i was loking, man finaly my mc walk like a normal person jajaja
  5. Kogorn
    • member
    • 185 posts
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    Anyway someone could upload a video of the updated animations?
  6. Daemonjax
    • supporter
    • 920 posts
    • 64 kudos
    .32 is available here:

    ... along with .21 which has 3rd person animations in 1st person.

    For this mod, .1.7 = .17 as far as I can tell.

    If you decide to go with .21 to see 3rd person animations in 1st person, then you may notice that the thrust animation looks bad (camera is too high) -- particularly with short weapons (at least for me, using better bodies). So I merged .21 with the thrust animations from darknut's 1st person mod to correct the issue for myself. The merged animation file is available here in case anyone is interested:

    You can also adjust the camera node in the .nif files to lower it a bit more (hint: don't "apply" the changes to the node's position, just save the .nif).

    .21 has a pretty badass replacement for the 1h slash animation that looks great in 1st person.

    I believe .17 is the last version that's completely compatible with liztail's animation kit, so that may be useful (so that all the animation files can be split to mix and match with other animations) -- but I haven't tried that with .17. I'm mainly interested in .21. Some of the kf files in .21 are splittable, while none in .32 are.Someone with more knowledge on the subject may be able to revert the changes made which prevent splitting. I couldn't puzzle it out.
  7. grasscid
    • member
    • 1,264 posts
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    Why hasn't anyone changed the two-handed animations yet?
  8. Duke Fortuna
    Duke Fortuna
    • member
    • 313 posts
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    Another link here, just in case.
  9. SethBlue
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Use this link for a video. --->
  10. ElSopa
    • premium
    • 6,787 posts
    • 3,814 kudos
    Nice video..