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Morrowind Animation Replacer by Dirnae

Permissions and credits
Animation replacer 0.1 by Dirnae
v0.1.7 modification by Hrnchamd

An animation replacer for Morrowind.
Replaces walk, run and 1h weapon animations.

This is a small modification of Dirnae's animations. It changes the timings such that NPCs and humanoid creatures move at vanilla speed instead of being excessively sped up. It also makes first person footstep sounds play at standard speed.

Install with LizTail's AnimKit. His site is down permanently, but here's a temporary download link.
AnimKit download link.
Always run fix animation errors after you install a new animation.

This package includes all of Dirnae's animations, the unmodified version is not required.

The slower walk ESP from the original is not required and should not be used with this mod.

All credits to Dirnae for these animations. Used with permission.

v0.1.7 - Hand jitter with run animation fixed. Smooth as possible.
v0.1.6 - Fixes skip in walking animation at higher speeds
v0.1.5 - Fixes most glitchy transitions and Morrowind weirdness
v0.1 - Original animations, normalized timing