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Ascadian ship home for Morrowind.
Made by Pincess Stomper!

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This is an excelent mod for Morrowind that deserves more attention in my opinion. It was made by a very good Morrowind modder that goes by the name of Princess Stomper. She clearly mentioned in the file description that is free to redistribute this file as long as it has the orginal readme included and all the credits for her amazing work given. So, if you guys want to show some apreciation fallow the mirror link and give some proper feedback to the mod author.
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Original Description

Adds a shipwreck to an island next to the Mudan Grotto, south of Vivec, in cell Ascadian Isles 0, -15.

Cabin: Cosy shack with hammock, high-capacity closet, dining table and chairs

Upper deck: 3 bandits to kill for access, tavern layout with large bar area, four dining tables, two further hammocks and a screened-off toilet area. NOM-compatible water jug.

Lower deck: dining table, seating area, display area, kitchen area, bath area. Further high-capacity chest.