1. Ragox
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    Don't expect this mod to work with large overhauls like MGSO or MW Rebirth or other location overhauls. Choose this mod if you want simply more detailed locations that are very close to the original ones. Choose MW Rebirth if you want to experience something completely different. Choose MGSO if you want error messages, oddly mixed textures and loud cat noises.
  2. frankstahl
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    Thanks for the effort and the good ideas. It's a pity this is not compatible with Vurt's Ground Covers.
    Thank you and have a good time!
  3. smeetooie3
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    MDP 07.2016 has quite a few dirty edits, especially in Vivec. This can create doubling problems - I noticed this while running the mod along with Open Air Vivec, which also contains dirty edits, and Windoors Glow, which decides to duplicate all of the cantons, for some stupid reason. TESTool will NOT find an clean these edits - they have to be removed manually.
    1. Mirrror
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      I cleaned the mod following this guide using tes3cmd, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlea3Ozrtaw
  4. cobaltgeo
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    Problem a tree is in a doorway at Bal Mora
  5. grbazoid
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    hello first off let me say thank you for this awesomemod !

    however i would like to say that the clutter on this mod tends to make significant FPS drops; especially if used with other mods, since MDP is highly compatible

    i wish MDP had like an NPC only version, which adds only the new NPC's but not the clutter

    regardless a great mod
  6. YuMMz
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    Love the mod, thank you. I was wondering if it is recommended to clean this mod? Cleaning with tes3cmd found 20 duplicate instances, 13 junk-cells, and 41 redundant cell.whgt. Sometimes I know authors purposely leave duplicate entries in place, so I like to double check when I find them. Thank you again!
  7. SadisticMind
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    great little mod, with some minor compatibility issues.

    EDIT: i managed to make this plugin fully compatible with mountainous red mountain and vivec expansion with the enchanted editor by simply removing the offending edits.

    simply load the plugin into the editor, locate the cell ingame (use the 'ori' console command on something in the vicinity) and use enchanted editor to delete all the changes that correspond to that cell.

    it's a blunt-force solution, but it does wonders for compatibility. you can apply the exact same technique for removing the vivec open plazas if you choose.

    however, i ended up removing vurt's groundcover entirely as this mod has too many landscape edits to reconcile the two. too much floating grass for me to deal with. a compatibility patch for it would be really nice.

    anyway, glad to make this a permanent addition to my load order.
  8. Multigod
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    How can i keep plazas in Vivec closed? I have horrible framerate with other Vivec mods coz of it.
    (sorry for my english)
  9. mihzvol wuriar
    mihzvol wuriar
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    Is this compatible with LGNPC and MCA?
    MCA probably is, but I want to be sure about these two
  10. Maxrebo
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    In the description I noticed that it said this mod does add a few NPCS and buildings.Out of Curiosity how many and where are they? I am asking because I am trying to decide this and Walled City of Balmora since the two conflict and it also conflicts with Buy a House overhauled.So I am trying to decide which mod I want to go with.Quick question is this compatable with The Doors Balmora and Suran?
  11. puddinpoppy
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    This is a nice add on that fills up nicely the various cities and villages. The added trees and such fit in to the surroundings great and lent a great feel to the game.there were no conflicts with Andys texture pack but the added items did not match the new texture look and stood out. probably would look better with vanilla textures and vurt ground covers etc.