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  1. jim_uk
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    This file has been hidden from public viewing as you have not uploaded a file or added a mirror for it.
    We do not allow placeholders or WIP entries with no files uploaded.
    You must upload your file or add a mirror to your file on another site before you can set your file to be visible to the public again.
  2. Durkadurkabulabula
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    I remember this.
  3. MasterKillerLiu
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    is there a list of consal commands somewhere im not seeing?
  4. zrandall111
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    whats the console code to get this armor
  5. Spirithawke
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    I recall using this mod in Morrowind.. Is this in the wrong section?

    I think you would have a better chance trying to PM or e-mail the author.
  6. Yuki900
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    I recall using this mod in Morrowind.. Is this in the wrong section?
  7. spong20
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    sweet armor i can use this for my samurai charecters (by the way can i plz have permission to use these meshes and textures in my first mod?)
  8. Plugin Manager
    Plugin Manager
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    Name: Dark Telvanni Armor
    Size: 150
    Version: v1.0

    You can view this file here

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