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This is an overhaul for the English version of Arktwend. It includes new scripting, texture and model replacers, and ports of some nice Morrowind mods.

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What is TAO?

TAO is "The Arktwend Overhaul", an overhaul for the Arktwend TC for Morrowind to add/update graphics, enemies and other content. TAO is in its early stages and is under active development, so it will be changing. It should currently be considered unfinished, but fully playable.

What is Arktwend?
Arktwend is a TC (Total Conversion) for the Morrowind Engine from It has a complete world with a main quest and a number of factions. An English translation was later done by Golden Thief. TAO builds on top of those previous efforts to bring you a new Arktwend experience.

Notable changes 0.15:
- Compatibility with Arktwend English 3.2.
- A new Inn outside Bregen. It has a dog and a duck in it.
- Dogs in some towns :)
- A new and exciting, but completely optional, Thieves Guild quest with special bonus item.
- Game options difficulty setting magnified 3x. Readjust difficulty slider to suit your preference.

How do I play Arktwend/TAO?
Follow the step by step instructions in the Readme. Briefly, it is recommended you do a new installation of Morrowind GOTY, then install the German version of Arktwend from, install the Arktwend English update, and then finally install TAO.