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Adds one-handed spears and halberds making it possible to equip shields while wielding them. Also adds javelins (throwing spears).

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One Handed Weapons Version 0.1a by jlmr

This is an attempt to add a small portion of realism to Morrowind combat by allowing the characters to wield spears in one hand freeing up the other hand to hold a shield. This small mod adds one-handed spears and halberds, also adds various javelins (throwing spears). Normal spears and halberds are still in game but there is an equal chance to find one-handed versions for sale, on corpses, or in containers.

If you don't want to wait to find the Spears/Halberds/Javelins in Morrowind...

To get one chitin one-handed spear press the tilde key "~" then in the console type...

player -> additem "oh chitin spear" 1

For any others use the following id's...

Spears & Halberds

oh chitin spear, oh daedric spear, oh dwarven halberd, oh dwarven spear, oh ebony spear, oh glass halberd, oh iron halberd, oh iron spear, oh silver spear, oh steel spear


th chitin spear, th daedric spear, th dwarven spear, th ebony spear, th iron spear, th silver spear, th steel spear



After being disappointed with various other mods that attempted to make usable one-handed spears, I decided to make one for my personal use. I have used this mod for about a month now with no bugs so I decided to release it (my first ever public release!) and see how the rest of the community like/dislikes it.

A script I wrote is included to reliably swap the character’s spear skill with their long blade skill. This was required because in order to have one-handed spears/halberds they had to be converted to "longsword" in the TES Construction Set. The script will automatically swap the skills back to normal when the one-handed spear/halberd is unequipped.

I suggest selecting "Always use best attack" under game settings so your character will always use thrust with the spears and halberds, which besides looking better will also do the most damage.



1. Place the "OneHandedWeapons.esp" in you Morrowind "Data Files" folder. E.g. C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindData Files

2. Next activate the mod and play!



This mod should be compatible with most other mods. However it does modify the following leveled lists, which may cause conflicts if you are using a mod that changes them as well.

Imperial Guard Random Weapon
random ashlander weapon
random ebony weapon
random excellent melee weapon



--- Version 1.0:
Jul 21, 2017
Fixed an issue with one-handed iron spears not using the correct script (Thanks PoorYorec!)

--- Version 0.1a:
Initial Release Oct 01, 2009