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Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

version 1.3 (July 2007)

Antiscamp ([email protected]) 2007

Uploaded onTesNexus Sept 2009 by Antiscamp. Note that this mod conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt.

Update 2014: There is now a compatibility version with Tamriel Rebuilt. Go check it out.


Having lost the Great Nechim War three hundred years ago, the entire Nechim nation was encapsulated in a great bubble of magicka and sunk to the bottom of the Eastern Ocean. Recently, due to geological activity, the island of Tel Nechim has again arisen to the surface and it has proven, that for all this time, the nation has survived, expanded and thrived in its prison.

Initially, the surrounding areas (especially the authorities at Sadrith Mora) had some concerns as to what political stance the Nechim would take. Memories of their pillaging and piracy date back to the days of the Great Nechim War and none of the city's neighbours wanted to experience such a threat again. Luckily enough the Nechim nation has changed into a peace-loving and stable society and to prove that, I was invited to be the Imperial observer and ambassador to Tel Nechim; to live among them, to study them and to write a report on their society for the Imperial Library.

What I have found is a peaceful, interesting society with a lively political debate (there are two prominent political parties). However, I must admit that there was some initial culture shock as the Nechim is a nation by and for women and they keep their men as slaves! This System of State is called the "Matriarchate" (or Matriarchy). For any outsider visiting Tel Nechim, please seek me out at the Tel Nechim Lighthouse, and I'll tell you more about the island.

Jonathan Abelmasu
Imperial Observer at Tel Nechim


The Tel Nechim plugin/mod adds an entirely new town called Tel Nechim to Morrowind. There are a number of missions which the player can obtain from various characters in this community, including a Main Quest. Tel Nechim has a detailed history, a very specific culture and an interesting political climate for the player to explore.


You need Morrowind (Yeah, gee!) as well as the two expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon to play Tel Nechim. No other expansions or plugins are needed, as I have only used parts (meshes and textures) already contained in the original Tribunal/Bloodmoon-expanded game.

Tel Nechim does not conflict with any other mod that I know of. I have deliberately placed the city out of the way, in a largely unused area of Morrowind not often used by modders and so, but this mod does not only add one single island city, it also modifies and adds some events around and in the vicinity of the island.


Copy the Tel Nechim.esp file into your Morrowind Data Files folder. At the Morrowind startup menu, choose Data Files and mark the mod-file by double-clicking on it. You are good to go. This plugin does not invalidate your saved games. You may want to make backups of them before you play Tel Nechim though, to be on the safe side.

To play Morrowind without the Tel Nechim plugin, simply unmark it at the startup menu. To completely uninstall, simply remove/delete the Tel Nechim.esp from the Morrowind Data files folder.


While of course you can reach Tel Nechim by swimming, there is boat transport from the harbour of Sadrith Mora. Talk to Avesa Dren at the docks to travel to Tel Nechim. Furthermore, there are many different small quests to be found in Tel Nechim, but start the Main Quest line by talking to the Queen Matriarch Evelina Freemont at the Council Hall. The Quests and missions aren't that hard to complete for a seasoned Morrowind-player. A Level 25+ character should have no problems. Have fun!


This Morrowind plugin was entirely written and designed by Antiscamp (in reality, Göran Frilund, Finland). Please contact me at [email protected] with questions, comments and general praise (!). Visit us at the Unofficial Swedish Morrowind Forum.

My thanks firstly go to the guys and gals at Bethesda for producing this great classic computer game. Never has a computer game captured me so firmly. Making this mod, and thereby contributing in my own small way to the development and further life of Morrowind, was something I considered a duty. And having taken all this time and all this amount of work creating Tel Nechim, I can only appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that must have gone into creating the game itself! See Tel Nechim as a tribute to Morrowind from a fan.

Thanks go out to my trusty playtesters who came with comments, corrections and encouragement. Simon Ramone, head and administrator of the Unofficial Swedish Morrowind discussion board, who was the first person I showed this project to. Morgrim, who I found at Emma's mods Discussion Board, was very helpful in playtesting and came with good advice and pointed out a few problems to be corrected.

And of course, thanks to all the people on the discussion boards as well as commentators on the Planet Elder Scrolls comments section of the Tel Nechim-page, who came with valuable help and comments. You know who you are, eh.


Tel Nechim started out as a little hobby back in October 2006, and I have been working on it, to and from, since then. Initially, I did not intend to publish it at all, but what's the use of doing all this work if I won't show it off, eh? So here goes. If there's an interest, I will be making and publishing more mods like this for good ole Morrowind. Maybe an entire continent in the future.

Please inform me of any problems you may encounter. Although I have done seriously extensive playtesting, problems can still slip through. That's the fact of modding life. I as author of this mod cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to your saved games or so from using this mod. If you are unsure, please BACKUP YOUR SAVED GAMES before playing Tel Nechim.

VERSION 1.1.; Initial release (June 2007).

VERSION 1.2.; Some minor design errors have been corrected; books hanging in the air and so on. Corrected the bed renting in The Fighting Amazon Inn. No more illegal sleeping! Cleaned with Tesame. A minor change to the main quest. New NPC's and a new small quest. Added Catacombs West and Catacombs East (Early July 2007).

VERSION 1.3.; Expanded Catacombs East and North. A new shack has been built to house one of the town's citizens who was obviously homeless. Added two more minor quests and also some books and documents that further explain the history of the town. Also did some minor design changes on the town itself (Late July 2007).