Dark Brotherhood Delay - Murderous Dreams by Avelon
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Added: 01/01/2009 - 03:35AM
Updated: 17/03/2009 - 12:58PM

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Last updated at 12:58, 17 Mar 2009 Uploaded at 3:35, 1 Jan 2009

Sorry for the errors introduced somehow in 1.1 - they are now corrected and both ESPs should be 100% clean.

This is a simple mod that delays the Dark Brotherhood attacks (i.e. start of the Tribunal questline) until one of a few conditions is met. Additionally, it will provide you with several new messages upon waking up, because honestly - not EVERY assassin out there is a klutz who can't avoid knocking over your nightstand.

The conditions that can trigger DB attacks in v1.1 are:
- Player Reputation of 7 or more AND Player Level of 5 or more
- Player Reputation of 10 or more
- Dagoth Ur is dead, you alchemy abuser!

And in v1.0:
- Player Reputation of 10 or more

There are two ESPs included: Murderous Dreams.esp and Murderous Dreams_Safe.esp. They are identical, except that in Murderous Dreams.esp there is a very small (2%) chance that you will wake up dead, an 8% chance you will be slightly damaged before waking, and a 10% chance that you will be slightly damaged but will retain the silver dagger that hit you. Note that being a werewolf does not amplify damage, if you're a Bloodmoon user.

Murderous Dreams_Safe.esp removes the chance for hazardous/fatal outcomes, replacing those events with 3 more 'atmospheric' messages.