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  1. Hrnchamd
    • member
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    MCP Version 2.4 is released.

    This is mainly to address the 'Access denied' issue in the patch program. It should solve it for most people.

    There are also bonus gameplay options:

    - Followers defend immediately. Followers and summons will now attack an enemy as soon as combat has begun, instead of waiting for the enemy to land a hit.
    - Ownership tooltip. Tooltip now shows an object is "Permitted" when rented or granted access instead of showing "Owned".

    A full set of changes are listed in the changelog, and as always more details on each patch are in the patcher application.

    Watch the skies!
  2. WanderRA
    • member
    • 195 posts
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    Possible MCP addition - Allow hand to hand to be selected by deequiping a currently equipped weapon via hotkey - similar to skyrim and oblivion.
  3. Tyler799
    • supporter
    • 255 posts
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    Absolutely adore this patch! I did have a question however.

    In the past, the practice was to go:

    MCP -> Timeslip's EXE Optimizer -> 4GB patch.

    However, as of v2.3 of the MCP, it looks like the 4GB patch is merged in. So do we still need to run the 4GB patch, does it get "undone" by Timeslip's EXE Optimizer?
  4. Tizerak
    • member
    • 27 posts
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    First off this program is amazing, thank you for the effort.

    Request - If possible, implementing a fix to the Morrowind *.exe to allow changing the binding of quick key "0". I've tried to see if there's a way to change it through the CS but I believe it's something hard coded.
  5. InkJet
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    2.4 CTD when selecting "video" tab in options. GOG GOTY, not in program files (tried multiple directories) and admin/compatibility modes. Win 10

    Edit: Did some testing: Unchecked all and patched, no crash. Checked only "resolutions options fix" and crashed. Checked everything else and no crash.
  6. Husky306
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Hey. Maybe you could help? I try to install MCP but it just doesn't work. I tried a clean install, pure Morrowind GOTY, started it once, then put MCP files in the directory, start it, choose the stuff I want, patch. It says it's done. Starting Morrowind after that leads to black screen, computer freezes. I have no idea how deep must a patch be to interrupt the work of Win7. I've never seen it frozen until now. I didn't think it was even possible for a game to completely block a modern computer. No Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    Should I remove all patches and add 1 by 1 to see which one fails? Or just avoid MCP? Or does it need half an hour to load? I just wonder why everyone else's games work. I have a pretty typical computer, no Indian video cards or such.
  7. WSChase
    • member
    • 992 posts
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    Look, this Hrnchamd guy isn't paying attention to us, I have images with suggestions 'waiting moderation' since last April.
  8. biatos
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Iam playing the german steam version. I installed</p>
    • Morrowind Code Patch-19510-2-4
    • MGE XE-41102-0-9-10
    • Better Dialogue Font-36873
    Its works fine so far but my active Quest list keeps not updating. Ive attached a Screenshot. As example i found "Fargoth's Hiding Place" and spoke to "Hrisskar Flat-Foot" and "Fargoth". But when i click on "only show activ Quests" it does nothing. I read about console commands to finish quests but that would be tedious for every quest :sad:
    Anyone know a solution to this Problem?
    Edit: i tried console command "Journal, MS_Lookout, 100" but it didnt help to get it out of the active quests :sad:
  9. Tizerak
    • member
    • 27 posts
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    I was wondering if for the "Swift Cast" option under Game Mechanics section, it was possible to hide your weapon/shield when you cast because it looks incredibly goofy waving my characters arms around with a staff cluttering the screen.
  10. Arcarias
    • supporter
    • 19 posts
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    Wow, you're still keeping this project going. I remember first hearing about a new type of "mod" from someone who had managed to alter parts of the Morrowind.exe itself by using reverse engineering back in... 2008? Ugh. time flies. Anyway, you're still doing amazing work Hrnchamd!
  11. dungeom
    • member
    • 32 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Another conflict:
    GetWeaponType fix conflicts with Linora's Locking Bashing Mod and probably some other bashing mods as well.