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  1. Hrnchamd
    • member
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    MCP Version 2.4 is released.

    This is mainly to address the 'Access denied' issue in the patch program. It should solve it for most people.

    There are also bonus gameplay options:

    - Followers defend immediately. Followers and summons will now attack an enemy as soon as combat has begun, instead of waiting for the enemy to land a hit.
    - Ownership tooltip. Tooltip now shows an object is "Permitted" when rented or granted access instead of showing "Owned".

    A full set of changes are listed in the changelog, and as always more details on each patch are in the patcher application.

    Watch the skies!
  2. victoriousvengeance
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    Hey, thanks for making this mod. I love it! :)
    I do keep having the same problem though. When i spell cast my character moves forward slightly and messes with my aim.
    I've looked elsewhere for fixes, but i can't find anybody who has the same problem. I think it's from this mod as none of my other mods really effect spells and movement in anyway, i think? They should't anyway, since they have nothing to do with that.
    Have you had any other people with this problem or have an idea for a fix, i would really appreciate it

    Have a good day :)
    1. victoriousvengeance
      • member
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      Sorry. It was just me being an idiot. My spell cast key was the same as my auto run key. hehe
      Sorry for the inconvennce.
      Have a good day
  3. dalegribbled
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    just over a year ago i was having an issue with my windows 10 laptop not even recognizing the exe with "This App Cannot Run on Your PC: to find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher". darknut suggested trying to run it away from the Program Files (x86) location. darknut is a legend and the advice was appreciated, but the action didn't allow the exe to run. trying to run with windows 7 or 8 compatability didn't help.

    i got huffy and dropped trying for a long while, but revisited this situation again. running as admin didn't work, and i have a big doubt that creating a new admin profile will help, but that's about the last thing to try. there were a couple quick settings to try changing, but if i look at the "cannot run" warning as its own problem, further fixes include things out of my knowledge such as registry repair.

    as far as i can see, is it safe to assume the exe itself is just too old for Windows 10 to recognize at all? I know I had operating and running issues with Morrowind in general until I had to buy the steam version in the first place. all other directions are followed to a T, extracted fine, everything is in my Morrowind folder, but Windows 10 just pretends the exe is not a real program.
  4. Alucardeverlasting
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    Having a problem when I try to launch the patch it says error then gives me this
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 621, in <module>
    File "", line 272, in __init__
    File "", line 311, in merge_defaults
    File "", line 301, in get_default_install
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'mcpatch/default'
    Help please!
    Edit: Fixed it I am dumb
    1. BURMIK84
      • member
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      what did you do to fix?
    2. melelconquistador
      • member
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      I am reffered to this log as well, what did you do?
  5. pianobadger
    • member
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    Before I talk about an issue I have with MCP, I want to say I consider MCP essential to Morrowind and I really appreciate it.

    There is a patch called "Reflected spells fix" In the Bug fixes category with the following description:

    "When you cast an absorb spell and it's reflected by an enemy, it resolves to absorbing from yourself and the enemy is unaffected. Far too safe for a game mechanic; now the enemy will absorb from you instead."

    I don't consider this a bug and I think it should be moved to the Game mechanics category and not checked by default.

    While it's true that absorb spells are good against enemies that reflect spells, calling it "far too safe for a game mechanic" is opinion. I consider the spells balanced due to their increased cost and difficulty relative to simple damage spells, and due to the fact that when reflected they still go from full effect to no effect. I also think it makes logical sense that they should work as they do in vanilla since reflect changes the target of the spell, not the caster.

    I expect the Bug Fix category to consist only of things that everyone should want in their game and in most cases things that make no noticeable difference from Vanilla unless the player happened to have run into the bug in the past while playing Vanilla.

    If I hadn't read through all the bug fixes, as I'm sure many people don't, I would have been very surprised the first time I had an absorb spell reflected on me and would immediately have been going through my mods trying to figure out what the heck caused it so I could fix it. At the very least this patch should be moved to the Game mechanics category because it very significantly changes a game mechanic and it shouldn't come as a surprise because someone didn't read the now quite extensive list of pre-checked bug fixes.
  6. Dimon007
    • member
    • 50 posts
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    The "toggle" sneak option does not appear to work in my version of the game. I still need to push the key down to sneak. How do i make it so i can toggle it on so i only need to press the key for sneak once?

    UPDATE: I am using nexus mod manager, version 65.10 from github. i noticed an issue when i 1st installed the first time i installed this, it made it a 7z file. I made nmm use only zip files so maybe that did it and why it is not working?
  7. WSChase
    • member
    • 1,071 posts
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    I wonder if an option to change the background color of the UI to white or another pastel color could be added?
  8. Arugal
    • member
    • 30 posts
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    Hi !

    First thanks so much for the mod love it :)
    But i just wanted to ask if its your mod that changes anything about your skills and attributes?
    Because when i level up you would want +5 to all you focus on right? well if i train a skill etc Heavy armor from 10 to 20 = 10 times right? it would normly give a 5+ when you lvl up.
    But now with my mods i only get +4 never 5+ no matter how much i train >.< why!!!!!?? is it this mod that change it or is it a bug?
    My Mods:
    Morrowind overhaul - Sound And Graphics.
    Morrowind Rebirth
    Morrowind Code Patch - new version
    MGE XE

    Thanks :) do any one have an idea?
  9. SpaceDevo
    • member
    • 818 posts
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    Morrowind's engine doesn't seem to support animated/scrolling textures on skinned meshes. Could this be rectified with MCP?
  10. Kudix
    • member
    • 278 posts
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    I have a problem with:

    - Spell select by name. Allows selecting spells by pressing the first letter of the spell, while in the inventory menu. Repeat presses will cycle through all spells starting with that letter. You can reverse cycle by holding down the Ctrl key. It will only select spells, not powers or magic items. The spell selection only operates after the inventory is open. Any menu which takes key input will turn off the feature until the inventory is next opened.

    When I have a custom made spell thats starts with an "J" (did not find a spell that I could buy to test) and try this function the Journal opens instead. It works with spells starting with another letter.
  11. beatlesfan2o04
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    Healthy appetite. Eating ingredients always succeeds, giving its first effect and skill advancement.

    For healthy appetite the ingredients first effect is not being revealed but, I am still gaining experience from eating the ingredients. Everything else I chose seems to have installed properly because arrow de-nocker and the two handed weapons unequipping shields as well as convenient defaults are working (just as some examples of what I have tested out).
    1. atmarsh87
      • member
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      I am having this exact issue with the first effect not showing (but still gaining exp). Did you ever get that resolved?
    2. Kudix
      • member
      • 278 posts
      • 7 kudos
      I can confirm this.