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I wanted to make the original birthsigns a bit more fun and interesting to play. They are now more powerful than the original abilities/powers/spells, but are also balanced so as not to be overpowered.

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Name: Birthsigns Are More Fun (BAMF)
Version: 1.0
Date: 6/17/2008
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author(s): Alaisiagae
Forum Thread:

I wanted to make the original birthsigns a bit more fun and interesting to play. They are now more powerful than the original abilities/powers/spells because I felt that, at higher character levels, a birthsign could be replaced by a piece of enchanted clothing or a custom spell. Hopefully, the new abilities/powers/spells are also balanced and thus are not overpowering. I have drawn inspiration (directly, and modified) from Tyrthyllanos's 'Expanded Birthsigns for Purists' mod; also, I was inspired by Doy and IceNine0's 'The Definitive Birthsigns Pack' mod. !!!This mod does not appear to work correctly with existing characters.

- 'Unchanged' indicates that the Ability/Power/Spell has not been changed
- '(OB)' indicates that the Ability/Power/Spell is taken in whole or in part from TES IV: Oblivion
- 'EBforP' stands for "Expanded Birthsigns for Purists"
- 'New' means that I made it up

+ If the Power/Ability/Spell does not indicate the recipient of the spell (Target, Touch, Self), then assume that it means Self.
+ Some spell effects may be listed here with "pts" (points), but are indicated in-game as a percentage (%).
+ I have not play-tested all the signs to ensure balance. You have been warned!
+ This mod has been cleaned with TESTool.

+ There are two .esps (please see the Install section for instructions): one plugin is for people with Bloodmoon, the other is for those folks without Bloodmoon. The only difference between the two plugins is one of the Warrior Birthsign Powers. If you have Bloodmoon, you may choose which of the two plugins you want to use. If you only have Morrowind, do not use the plugin that requires Bloodmoon.

!!!Please Note!!!: In character creation, you might not see all the Abilities/Powers/Spells listed in the preview panel. This is a limitation in the panel size; your new character will receive all the Birthsign effects listed below.

+ Elfborn (Ability): Fortify Max Magicka 15pts, Weakness to Magicka 50% ///Unchanged
+ Gates of Aetherius (Power): Fortify Magicka 50pts, Resist Magicka 20% for 120secs ///Apprentice Stone Power (OB)
+ Void Seed (Power): Fortify Alchemy 20pts, Fortify Illusion 20pts for 120 secs ///Aetherius Stone Power (OB)
+ Artisan (Power): Fortify Enchant 30 pts, Fortify Intelligence 20pts for 120 secs ///New

+ Wombburn (Ability): Spell Absorbtion 50pts, Fortify Max Magicka 20pts, Stunted Magicka ///Unchanged
+ Atronach Kin (Ability): Resist Fire 10%, Resist Frost 10%, Resist Shock 10%, Resist Poison 10%, Resist Normal Weapons 5% ///New
+ Arcane Well (Power): Spell Absorbtion 30pts, Fortify Intelligence 10pts for 120 secs ///Atronach Stone Power (OB)
+ Winds of Oblivion (Power): Levitate 60pts, Drain Health 20pts, Drain Fatigue 30pts for 120 secs ///New

+ Lady's Favor (Ability): Fortify Personality 25pts ///Unchanged
+ Lady's Grace (Ability): Fortify Endurance 25pts ///Unchanged
+ Lady's Blessing (Ability): Fortify Willpower 10pts ///Half of OB Birthsign
+ Lady's Warding (Power): Almsivi Intervention, Damage Fatigue 40pts ///New

+ The Lordly Graces (Ability): Fortify Strength 10pts, Fortify Willpower 10pts, Fortify Personality 5pts ///Modified EBforP Ability
+ Trollkin (Ability): Weakness to Fire 25% ///Trollkin (OB)
+ Ysmir's Scales (Ability): Resist Frost 50% ///Modified Lord Stone Power (OB)
+ Blood of the North (Spell): Restore Health 2pts for 30 seconds, cost 10 magicka ///Unchanged

+ Mooncalf (Ability): Fortify Agility 25pts ///Unchanged
+ Mooncalf's Gaze (Ability): Fortify Personality 15pts ///EBforP Ability
+ Lover's Embrace (Power): Command Humanoid 100pts, Command Creature 100pts 120 secs Touch, Drain Fatigue 20-40pts for 120 secs Self ///New
+ Lover's Kiss (Power): Paralyze 60sec Touch, Silence 30secs Self, Drain Fatigue 20pts for 30 secs Self ///Modified Lover's Kiss (MW)
+ Lover's Caress (Power): Paralyze 10secs Touch, Drain Fatigue 15pts for 10 secs Self ///Modified Lover's Kiss (OB)
+ Lover's Wink (Power): Charm 60pts for 15 sec Target, Blind 20pts for 15 secs Self ///New

+ Fay (Ability): Fortify Max Magicka 5pts, Fortify Intelligence 10pts, Fortify Willpower 10pts ///EBforP additions
+ Magicka Manifold (Power): Fortify Magicka 75pts 120secs ///Modified Mage Stone Power (OB)
+ Skein of Magnus (Power): Fortify: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism, Restoration, Enchant 15pts for 120secs ///Modified Magnus Stone Power (OB)
+ Rain's Hand (Power): Absorb Magicka 150pts Target (instant), Weakness to Magicka 50% for 60 secs on Target ///New

+ Firewalker (Ability): Fortify Willpower 10pts, Fortify Personality 10pts, Resist Fire 25% ///EBforP
+ Mara's Gift (Power): Restore Health 200pts Self ///Mara's Gift (OB)
+ Mara's Milk (Power): Restore Health 20 pts for 5 secs Self ///Modified Ritual Stone Power (OB)
+ Mara's Mercy (Power): Restore Health 150pts Target ///Ritual Stone Power (OB)
+ Blessed Word (Spell): Turn Undead 100pts for 30sec Target (10 magicka) ///Unchanged

+ Wanderer (Ability): Resist Paralysis 20%, Resist Poison 20%, Swift Swim 40 pts ///New
+ Serpent Spell (Power): Damage Health 3 pts for 20 sec Touch, Cure Poison Self, Dispel 90pts Self, Damage Fatigue 100pts Self ///Serpent Sign (OB)
+ Cobra's Dance (Power): Paralyze for 5 secs Target, Damage Health 4 pts for 20 secs Target ///Serpent Stone Power (OB)
+ Star Curse (Spell): Poison 3pts for 30 secs Touch, Damage Health 1pt for 30 secs Self, cost 5 magicka ///Unchanged

+ Shifting Shadows (Ability): Sanctuary 5pts ///New
+ Moonshadow (Power): Invisibility for 60 secs ///Unchanged
+ Nightshadow (Power): Invisibility for 120 secs ///Invisibility portion of Jone Stone Power (OB), name from OB spell
+ Wraithwind (Power): Fortify Sneak 30pts for 120 secs ///Sneak portion of Jone Stone Power (OB), name from OB spell
+ Fingernail Moon (Power): Chameleon 15% for 120 secs ///Shadow Stone Power (OB)

+ Charioteer (Ablility): Fortify Speed 25 pts ///Unchanged
+ Horseman (Ablility): Fortify Endurance 15pts ///EBforP Ability
+ Horseshoes (Ability): Fortify Luck 5 pts ///Inspired by Definitive Birthsign Pack
+ Favored Pasture (Power): Mark, Damage Fatigue 50pts ///New
+ Wild Ride (Power): Recall, Damage Health 1-20, Damage Fatigue 10-80, Damage Magicka 1-20 ///New

+ Akiviri Danger-Sense (Ability): Sanctuary 10pts ///Unchanged
+ Cheater's Nip (Ability): Fortify Agility 15pts, Fortify Speed 15pts, Fortify Luck 15pts ///Modified Thief Birthsign (OB), name from Thief Stone Power (OB)
+ Hidden Pockets (Ability): Feather 80 pts ///New
+ Hara's Dagger (Power): Bound Dagger for 120 secs ///New

+ Tower Warden (Ability): Reflect Spell 10%, Resist Normal Weapons 10% ///Modified from EBforP into an Ability
+ Beggar's Nose (Spell): Detect Animal, Key, Enchantment 200fts for 60 secs, cost 5 magicka ///Unchanged
+ Spare Key (Spell): Open 0-20pts on Touch, cost 1 magicka ///New
+ Tower Key (Power): Open 50pts Touch ///Unchanged
+ Warden Key (Power): Open 75pts in 15ft Target ///Tower Stone Power (OB)

+ Warwyrd (Ability): Forfify Strength 15pts, Fortify Endurance 15pts, Fortify Attack 10pts ///Added Warrior Birthsign Ability (OB)
+ War Cry (Power): Fortify Strength 20pts, Fortify Attack 10pts for 120 secs Self ///Modified Warrior Stone Power (OB)
+ ***BirthsignsAMFun_MW.esp *** Centurion (Power): Summon Centurion Sphere, Summon Centurion Sphere, Lightning Shield 30pts Self for 60 secs ///New
+ ***BirthsignsAMFun_BM.esp *** War Hounds (Power): Call Wolf, Call Wolf, Call Wolf for 60 secs ///New (requires Bloodmoon Expansion)
+ Shield of Shezaar (Power): Reflect Spell 10%, Shield 20pts, Fortify Block 20pts, Fortify Armorer 20pts for 120 secs ///Modified Shezaar Stone Power (OB)

1.a. If you do not have Bloodmoon, copy the BirthsignsAMFun_MW.esp file to (install folder)\Morrowind\Data Files\. Do not install BirthsignsAMFun_BM.esp.
1.b. If you have Bloodmoon, you may choose to instead copy BirthsignsAMFun_BM.esp file to (install folder)\Morrowind\Data Files\. If you decide to use this .esp, do not copy the BirthsignsAMFun_MW.esp.
2. Start Morrowind Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

1. Start Morrowind Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the .esp file from \Morrowind\Data Files\

To go from one version to the next:
1. Uninstall the old mod.
2. Install the new mod.
3. Start Morrowind and play. There is no effect on saved games and should not corrupt any saves.

This mod will be incompatible with any mod that alters the Birthsigns. All powers have their own unique IDs (even the original TESIII powers have been recreated), so any mod that references the original powers will not use the modified powers in this mod. This mod does not appear to work correctly with existing characters (not all of the new abilities are applied correctly). Extensive testing has not been done, so maybe you will get lucky and it'll work.

Do not use the RBirthsignsAMFun_BM.esp if you do not have the Bloodmoon expansion installed!

Known Issues or Bugs
None so far: send me a PM if you find anything!

Don't blame me if your computer implodes. Always backup you save games when installing new mods.

Oh, and if you open it up in the CS, you'll notice under Spellmaking that I don't have a '_steed5' in between '_steed4' and '_steed6.' That was a mistake on my part: '_steed6' ought to be '_steed5.' Oh, well...

1.0, 2008/m/d - Initial release.

You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Alaisiagae'
You can find me on TESNexus as 'Alaisiagae'

Thanks to Tyrthyllanos for making Expanded Birthsigns for Purists, which inspired me to make my own modifications to the birthsigns. That mod can be found here:
Thanks to Doy and IceNine0 for making The Definitive Birthsigns Pack, which also inspired me. That mod can be found here:
Thanks to the folks on the Bethesda forums for their input and support.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.
Thanks to for the one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to Planet Elder Scrolls for hosting so many mods.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to ghostwheel for making TESTool, with which this mod was cleaned.

Tools Used
Readme Generator -
TESTool by ghostwheel
Morrowind TES Construction Set by Bethesda

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.