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This mod adds a library building just north of Pelagiad, on the south shore of Lake Amaya. Over 300 unique books arranged by category, short quests and a few surprises!

Permissions and credits
Morrowind Public Library v1.5

-by DrSilent (2008/05/28)
[silent at silent-moon dot com]

1. Description

This mod adds a library building just north of Pelagiad, on the south shore of Lake Amaya.

It contains pretty much every non-unique book in Morrowind, as well as a few new books specially aimed at the newcomer explaining the basic workings of the game (this was actually the starting point of the mod... these things always grow out of control). Since v1.5, it also contains more than 200 new books, all consitent with the Lore of Morrowind. Books are arranged by their specific area of interest (History, Magic, Combat, Religion, etc). The first half of the library is immediately accessible and contains few skill books. The second floor is accessible only through a (short) quest devised to prevent starting characters from reading all those skill books. Because, you know, that would be bad.

The mod introduces 9 new NPCs, all with varying degrees of involvement in quest dialogue, as well as a new joinable "Faction" for the Library. It also introduces nine new re-textured potions as "tea mugs", with effects ranging from limited to definitely helpful (but harder to get). The library is seamlessly integrated into the world by the addition of a random rumor conversation topic in Seyda Neen, Pelagiad, Balmora and Vivec.

Since v1.5 it also introduces a (debatedly) convoluted literary puzzle quest line (hint: talk to Tom the scout) eventually leading to a way to use limited Fast Travel in Morrowind. If you do notice an inaccuracy in the solution of the puzzle, I'm aware of it. But I had to do it.

2. Installation

The usual. Extract the archive to the data files folder and everything should work fine. You may have to set the date of the mod back in time a bit for full compatibility with magic stat modifying mods in particular (No-glo, for instance, should be loaded after this mod).

The mod can be installed mid-game. If upgrading from a previous version, there could be problems. I recommend getting any books you may have given to the library back from NPC Kenna (first floor) before overwriting the files. Otherwise, they may be lost. If you encounter doubling, cleaning your savegame with Wrye Mash should fix it.

There is a known (sort-of) rare bug that could make the puzzle quest not work properly if you've already completed it with one character and are now trying with another. This is in great part due to my inadequacy as a scripter. If this happens, open the console and type:
StartScript MWlib_init
This should fix the issue.

3. Compatibility

The library has been designed to only depend on the original Morrowind. All additional meshes and textures have been renamed and put into a dedicated MWlib subfolder for easy uninstallation. The mod has been cleaned with TESame and Enchanted Editor and shouldn't cause any conflicts. Unless somebody put a house right at the same location, but I couldn't find any evidence for that. If it does exist, I blame the other guy.

A few plants have been added to inconspicuous cells. I do not expect this to cause conflicts with anything, but just in case, I guess it could happen. Likewise, a few door markers have been added to some landmarks, but with a care to stick to areas which shouldn't be touched by any other mod.

The reading glasses are only compatible with better bodies, and even then only with humanoid races at that. Trying them on anything else may cause clipping or possibly crash the game violently. Sorry.

I have not included compatibility with "Book Rotate" at this time. I expect that vanilla Morrowind books in the library will work fine with it if you have it installed, the rest probably not. Given that the books are not meant to be taken off the shelves, it seems pointless to include it. If you decide to pillage the library anyway, well, that's your problem!

Modders: in case somebody wants to check ingame if this mod is loaded, I have created a global variable called MWlib_loaded set to 1 by default.

4. Recommended mods

- To get a full enjoyment out of this mod, I recommend the use of "Better Books", which is simply a texture replacer for all the books. If your machine is powerful enough, consider also "Book Jackets" which individually replaces the textures for every vanilla book (running this on an old machine might result in important lag in the library). The two replacers are not mutually exclusive so you can run both.

- If you havent got them already, "Better Bodies", "Better Heads" and "Nioliv's Robe Replacer" will make every NPC including those in the library a lot prettier.

- Also, even though I already stole the necessary textures for the purpose of this mod, Cali's Opticians is well worth checking out.

- For one of the quest lines, the use of a gem and soulgem mesh/texture replacer, such as the work of VagabondAngel, might make things a lot prettier.

- Lastly, I couldn't very well steal dozens of his books without recommending The Wanderer's "Libraries of Vvardenfell" for an in-depth literary power struggle experience.

5. Credits

- I've taken a number of books and the 8 meshes for the PGE series out of the "Ald Reydania Expanded" by Princess Stomper, may she live eternally.
- She herself actually took a number of the books I used from one Launcelot (may he also live forever) and pieces for the PGE series from Xanathar and Stalker (idem).
- I've taken large exerpts from the UESP wiki to write some of the tutorial books. I'm sure they won't hate me for it. It's just that good, guys!
- Calishan's wonderful Optician resource, from which I took meshes, textures and icons for one of the quests rewards. I really wonder what that reward is!
- I've shamelessly taken most of the new books in v1.4 out of The Wanderer's "Libraries of Vvardenfell" mod, complete with new meshes and textures (but sans script). Hopefully he won't find out.
- To be fair, some of those he himself had taken from the following people:
- "Library of Joseph Curwen", by Zeph (Ars Alchymia, notably)
- "Books of Vvardenfell", by Stuporstar (pretty much all of 'em!)
- More I am no doubt forgetting. It's getting hard to keep count.
- For v1.5, the brunt of the new books came from "Oblivion and LGNPC Books", a compilation by Ostar. I have included the relevant part of its readme in the archive. Of particular attention should be the work by Xui'al, Albides and Fief, as well as assorted volumes out of the Imperial Library.
- I have made good use of Vality7's extraordinary 3D map resource. I hope you'll agree.
- I have to credit Squaresoft with the inspiration for the puzzle, and thank them kindly for (unwittingly) letting me copy it. I mean, it's an homage... yeah. (Cookies to whoever actually knows what I'm talking about.)
- A huge thanks to "Morrowind scripting for Dummies" for teaching me about scripts in three evenings flat. I've included a tiny reference ingame in their honor.

6. Change log

2008/05/28 : v1.5 released
- Added about 80 new books from various sources, including my own prose
- Added 8 new book meshes and textures
- Added one puzzle quest-line
- Added one new NPC and one creature
- Added an ingame map (this explains the increased filesize)
- Added door markers to a variety of non-wilderness cells
- Added 17 scripts and 11 global variables
- Fixed a few alignment and positioning issues
- Fixed a handful of dialogue mistakes

2008/05/03 : v1.4 released
- Added about 100 unique books from various sources, including my own prose
- Added 22 new book meshes and 14 new book textures
- Added 49 embedded pictures into 5 new books
- Added one quest line relative to the library's teashop
- Added five new tea flavours as drinkable potions
- Added five new re-textured ingredients and associated containers to a few outside cells
- Added quest related items to a few outside cells
- Added an outdoor bar and barkeep NPC on the Library's deck
- Changed the landscape layout a tiny bit in one cell, just below the deck
- Flipped a few upside-down books
- Fixed a couple of typos and various mistakes
- Removed some dirty deleted references and abusive changes to stock MW content

2007/11/17 : v1.3 released
- fixed a few texture references
- fixed a dialogue topic bug
- adjusted positioning for some of the books and shelves
- added a stove to the tea shop
- added a ramp to the outside deck area

2007/11/15 : v1.2 released

-- Have fun, don't stay up reading too late!